• STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Michelle Lutiker is a first year doctoral student who was awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship as a senior undergraduate student. She will work with Assistant Professor Natascha Reidinger investigating uranium depletion in organic-rich Devonian-age shale to assist in determining depositional and diagenetic processes at work in ancient North American interior seaways.

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Associate Professor
Adjunct Professor -  OSU Department of Chemistry

Office:    103E Noble Research Center
Phone:   1.405.744.5917
Fax:        1.405.744.7841
Email:      tracy.quan@okstate.edu
Ph.D.       2005 MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution    
B.S.         1999 University of California, San Diego-Revelle College

Research Interests
Organic biogeochemistry; experimental geochemistry; petroleum geochemistry; measurement of stable isotopes and biomarkers in oceanic and sedimentary organic matter; evaluation of oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen cycling in aquatic environments, past and present; development of stable isotopes as proxies for oxygen, productivity, and petroleum source rocks; compound specific radiocarbon analyses.

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