Graduate General Information

Geology is a discipline that iis focused on interpreting the history of the Earth and other solid planetary bodies as well as the processes that shape them and the resulting distribution of materials. Geological investigations increase our awareness of where we live and can benefit society through identification of natural resources, understanfing of the causes and consequences of environmental change, and delineation of potential natural hazards. At the graduate level, the mission of the OSU Boone Pickens School of Geology is to expand the frontiers of geological knowledge by providing advanced training and conducting original research.

Research in the School of Geology encompasses many aspects of geology. The School currently has eleven faculty members and four emeritus faculty. The faculty's research is concentrated in the areas of continental tectonics, conventional and unconventional energy resources, environmental issues, paleoclimatology, geophysics/remote sensing. Examples of current research projects include: biogeophysics, exploration geophysics, compartmentalization of deep-basin natural gas reservoirs, evolution of thrusted gas reservoirs, controls of gas shale formation, sequence stratigraphy, extensional and compressional tectonic, flow models, global envirnmental change, planetray geology, stable isotope geoschemistr, volcantology, and remediation of hazardous sites.

The School enhances the quality of instruction through the use of equipment and techniques that help students acquire the factual and conceptual information essential for career development. As we maintain out traditional emphasis in field-oriented geological studies, we continue to expand our analytical and computer facilities with state-of-the-art laboratories and computers.

The School of Geology offers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in geology and conduct various outreach programs. Geology graduate students are provided with an education of high quality, designed to develop leadership skills and to enhance employment opportunities.

Oklahoma State University if accredited by the North Central Asssociation of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

The School of Geology occupies five levels in the east wing and one level of the west wing of the Noble Research Center, laboratory space at Venture 1 and rock preparation, storage and analytical facilities at the Hazardous Reaction Laboratory (HRL).  The School of Geology has extensive laboratory and computer facilities available to all students as well as a variety of field equipment. Four general teaching laboratories and a wide range of specialized laboratories housing state-of-the art equipment are housed in the School of Geology.