G. Michael Grammer's Projects

Recent Funded Projects

2012-2015   Reservoir Distribution and Characterization of Mid-Continent Mississippian Carbonates – A Major Unconventional Resource Play, P.I., with Co-P.I.’s J. Puckette, D.
                      Boardman, J. Gregg, and P. Jaiswal, Industry Consortium with 14 members, $1,015,000.
2009-2011    Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of the Trenton/Black River Hydrothermal Dolomite Interval, Michigan Basin, P.I. with co-P.I. W.B. Harrison,
                      Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA), $393,369.
2009-2011    Establishing a Geological Sequestration Research and Education program for Michigan, $618,475, Congressional Earmark, co-P.I. with D. Barnes and W.B.
2011              Core Kids – Outreach in Natural Resources for K-12 Teachers and Students, $60,000, Consumers Energy, co-P.I. with S. Grammer.
2008-2010    Energy and Natural Resources K-12 Outreach Program, DTE Energy,  $195,000, P.I. with co-P.I. S.F. Grammer
2008-2009    CoreKids – Bringing Geoscientists and Geology Resources into the K-12 Environment, Consumers Energy, $50,000, P.I. with co-P.I. S. Grammer
2007              Software donation from Schlumberger (entire Petrel suite for 3-D data manipulation and modeling), P.I.,  $1,200,000
2006-2008    Geosciences Energy and Natural Resources Learning Center – Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education (MGRRE), $577,000, P.I.,
                       Congressional Earmark, with co-P.I.’s W.B. Harrison and M. Sultan..
2006-2008    Continuation of Satellite PTTC Facility in Michigan, Michigan Basin Core Research Laboratory and Department of Geosciences, WMU, P.I., DOE, $45,000
2005-2009    Midwest Region Carbon Sequestration Partnership; Phase II. Subcontract to Battelle Memorial/ Department of Energy/National Energy Technology Laboratory,
                       $292,754,  co-P.I.  with D. A. Barnes  (P.I.) and W.B. Harrison.