Z Student - Barrios, I.

Barrios Galindez Ines2.0

Ines Barrios-Galindez

105 Noble Research Center

Current Research and Grant Projects
Evaluation of Geomorphic Proxies from High Resolution Topographic DEMs in Non-Collisional Orogenic Margins: Western Puerto Rico

Research Interest:
o Geophysics Exploration
o Tectonics
o Structural Geology
o Active Faulting
o Caribbean Geology
o Oil and Gas
o Remote sensing

Bachelors of Science, Civil Engineering- Carabobo University-Venezuela – Graduation, May 2007.
Masters of Science, Geology – Oklahoma State University – Expected Graduation, May 2018.

I completed my B.S in Civil Engineering at Carabobo University in Venezuela in 2007. After college, I worked for five years in the Venezuelan construction industry focused on project engineering. Currently, I am on my second year of master in geology at Oklahoma State University. I am conducting research on active tectonics in Western Puerto Rico. During my master’s experience, I have participated as part of the OSU team in the Imperial Barrel Award by AAPG because of my interest in Oil and Gas exploration. In addition, I enjoyed class projects related to gravity and magnetic exploration and study abroad to explore Puerto Rico and Caribbean geology.