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Student Chapter of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Student Chapter at Oklahoma State University is dedicated to being a pre-professional organization, providing students with opportunities for leadership experience, education, and chances to interact with members of industry.


AAPG Events

The goal of OSU’s AAPG is to expose our students to industry professionals on a regular basis by hosting guest speakers, supplying software training, and holding other great events. In the end, our students will be able to add to their professional tool belts and advance their understanding of the science and business of the oil and gas industry.

September 28th, 2016

Chesapeake Energy, Speaker Series

Roberto Wagner from Chesapeake will be presenting "Integrating Geomechanics in reservoir characterization at well and regional scale” This talk followed by Bill Boykin’s talk on Oct. 26th, will combine aspects of petroleum engineering and geology allowing our students to obtain a more well-rounded understanding of these fundamental concepts.

October 12th, 2016

Oklahoma City Geological Society (OCGS), Pizza and Prof’s

The OCGS is driving up from Oklahoma City and bringing numerous oil and gas professionals with them. Their intent is to interact with our AAPG student members in hopes of giving us some insight into the “in’s and out’s” of the industry. They’re also going to bring pizza with the motto that “Pizza is kind of like oil, you can’t ever have enough.” We know that this will be an awesome networking event that could change the course of many of our student’s careers.

October 26th, 2016

Nutech Energy, Speaker Series

Bill Boykin from Nutech who will be presenting “Obtaining Geomechanical Rock Properties in the Absence of Wireline Sonic Data.” Between this talk and Roberto Wagner’s talk students should fully understand concepts of geomechanical rock properties and how they are applied in the oil and gas industry.


Oklahoma City Geological Society, How to Be an Independent (Technical Version)

Petra and Kingdom Short Courses

Other guest Speakers

OSU AAPG, OCGS, TGS, 2nd Annual Prospect Presentation (Spring)

OSU AAPG, Skeet Shoot Fundraiser (Spring)


AAPG Leadership


President: Josh Bedell

Bio: I am pursuing a career in petroleum geology and I am currently conducting my honors thesis under Dr. Pashin titled “Assessing the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Green River Formation Shales Utilizing Petrological Analysis.” I also contract as a Landman for a mineral brokerage firm in Oklahoma City called Sooner Mineral Investments. This last summer I interned as a geologist for Pyramid Exploration, a small independent in Oklahoma City. Upon graduation this spring, I plan to pursue my Master of Science in geology.


Vice President: Will Neely

Bio: Internship. For the past two years I have worked for Greg Hall Oil and Gas as a geo-tech. I plan on attending graduate school next year with the hopes of furthering my knowledge in geophysics with regards to oil and gas exploration. From there the long term dream of mine is to eventually work offshore using many different types of geophysical methods and analysis.


Treasurer: Courtney Dunn

Bio: I am a junior working on a Geology and Chemistry double major. I have done research with Dr. Smita Mohanty on pheromone binding proteins for the last two years. After graduation, my goal is to work as an environmental geologist and earn a doctorate in geochemistry, to help resolve problems caused by chemical spills.


Secretary: Ian Rusthoven

Bio:  Currently I have been given the opportunity to do sedimentary petrology research with Dr. Jack Pashin.  With this research I will be analyzing Chert and Sandstone samples to help determine their relative porosities and well as their composition.  I plan on attending Graduate school once I graduate this coming May.  While I attend Graduate school I would like to further my knowledge in Hydrogeology.  My dream job would be to work for an environmental company where I can help solve the ever expanding issues with water.   


Social Chair: Nick Crain

Bio: I am currently doing hydrology related research under Dr. Halihan and have so since the fall of 2015. This last summer I was an exploration intern at Continental Resources and gained valuable experience as a geologist. I am also a student worker for the Arts & Sciences Outreach Department. Upon graduation I plan on working for an energy company and hopefully, in the future, I will be able to start an energy company of my own.


Field Trip Chair: Fola Kolawole

Bio: Upon the completion of my Bachelor’s degree, I acquired three years of relevant work experience in the petroleum industry. I am currently a Master’s degree student in geology and my advisors are Dr. Mohamed Abdelsalam and Dr. Estella Atekwana. I am working on a research that is focused on understanding the active development of intrabasin fault architecture on the hinge zone of a basin within Malawi Rift, Africa.







For more information about us or how to join, contact:

President: Josh Bedell   
Phone: (405) 388-3661 

Vice President: Will Neely                                                        
Phone: (903) 821-1174