Congratulations to Chris Jones for being the College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Junior!!!

Congratulations to MS student Maria Reistroffer for been selected by the Tulsa Geological Foundation and the Tulsa Geological Society to receive the 2019 “Outstanding Geoscience Student” for Oklahoma State University. Keep up the good work.

Congratulations to Babak Shabani, PhD student, advised by Dr. Javier Vilcaez received $5,000 award from Oklahoma Water Resources Center for a proposal entitled  “Beneficial Use of Petroleum Produced Water to Convert Crude Oil to Methane Gas in Depleted Oil Reservoir”.

Congratulations to PBSoG PhD candidate Georgina Lukoczki for her accepted manuscript below.

Lukoczki, G., Haas, J., Gregg, J.M., Machel, H.G., Kele, S., John, C.M. Multi-phase dolomitization and recrystallization of Middle Triassic shallow marine-peritidal carbonates from the Mecsek Mts. (SW Hungary), as inferred from petrography, carbon, oxygen, strontium and clumped isotope data. Marine and Petroleum Geology.

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