G. Michael Grammer's Research



Carbonate Sedimentology and stratigraphy, Carbonate Reservoir Characterization,Petroleum Geology
Professor and Chesapeake Energy Chair of Petroleum Geology

Office:      103D Noble Research Center
Phone:     1.405.744.6358
Fax:          1.405.744.7841
Ph.D.        Marine Geology and Geophysics, University of Miami/RSMAS
M.S.          Geology/Sedimentology, Southern Methodist University
B.S.           Geology, University of South Florida   


Research Program

 •3-D characterization and modeling of carbonate depositional systems through the integration of high-resolution outcrop and subsurface data combined with comparative sedimentology from modern environments.
•Interplay of diagenesis and petrophysical signatures of carbonates within a sequence stratigraphic framework.
•Integration of sedimentology, diagenesis, and high-resolution sequence stratigraphy to evaluate the effects of variable sea level change on the depositional record of carbonate and mixed carbonate/siliciclastic depositional systems.




My main interests revolve around the evaluation of carbonate depositional systems through an integrated sequence stratigraphic approach; by combining sedimentologic, diagenetic, and petrophysical analyses of modern and ancient depositional systems (outcrop and subsurface) to better constrain the 3-D evolution of these systems through time. While many of the questions being addressed are fundamental in nature, results may also be directly applicable to problems faced within the petroleum and groundwater industries: for example the lateral and vertical distribution of fluid-bearing strata and impermeable horizons. In addition, I continue to have interest in evaluating the sedimentologic and diagenetic responses of carbonate systems to varying frequencies of sea level change (i.e. icehouse vs. greenhouse periods of Earth's history). Current research locations include the MidContinent of the USA, the Bahamas, Paradox Basin of Utah, Wind River Basin of Wyoming, and the Michigan Basin.



Recently Funded Projects

2012-2014         Reservoir Distribution and Characterization of Mid-Continent Mississippian Carbonates – A Major Unconventional Resource Play, P.I., with Co-P.I.’s J. Puckette, D. Boardman, J. Gregg, and P. Jaiswal, Industry Consortium, $630,000.

2009-2011         Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of the Trenton/Black River Hydrothermal Dolomite Interval, Michigan Basin, P.I. with co-P.I. W.B. Harrison, Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA), $393,369.

2009-2011         Establishing a Geological Sequestration Research and Education program for Michigan, $618,475, Congressional Earmark, co-P.I. with D. Barnes and W.B. Harrison.

2011                 Core Kids – Outreach in Natural Resources for K-12 Teachers and Students, $60,000, Consumers Energy, co-P.I. with S. Grammer.

2008-2010         Energy and Natural Resources K-12 Outreach Program, DTE Energy,  $195,000, P.I. with co-P.I. S.F. Grammer

2008-2009         CoreKids – Bringing Geoscientists and Geology Resources into the K-12 Environment, Consumers Energy, $50,000, P.I. with co-P.I. S. Grammer

2007                 Software donation from Schlumberger (entire Petrel suite for 3-D data manipulation and modeling), P.I.,  $1,200,000

2006-2008         Geosciences Energy and Natural Resources Learning Center – Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education (MGRRE), $577,000, P.I., Congressional Earmark, with co-P.I.’s W.B. Harrison and M. Sultan..

2006-2008         Continuation of Satellite PTTC Facility in Michigan, Michigan Basin Core Research Laboratory and Department of Geosciences, WMU, P.I., DOE, $45,000

2005-2009         Midwest Region Carbon Sequestration Partnership; Phase II. Subcontract to Battelle Memorial/ Department of Energy/National Energy Technology Laboratory, $292,754,  co-P.I. with D. A. Barnes (P.I.) and W.B. Harrison.

2004-2007         Establishing the Relationship between Fracture-related Dolomite and Primary Rock Fabric on the Distribution of Reservoirs in the Michigan Basin, DOE, $1,033,475, P.I., with co-P.I.’s D.A. Barnes, W.B. Harrison and R. Gillespie.

2004-2005         Midwest Regional Carbon Dioxide Sequestration, co-P.I., with D. A. Barnes (P.I.) and W.B. Harrison (co-P.I.), Department of Energy, $99,969.

2004-2005         Continuation of Satellite PTTC Facility in Michigan, Michigan Basin Core Research Laboratory and Department of Geosciences, WMU, P.I., DOE, $70,577

2003                 Upgrading Western Michigan University’s Petrographic Capability in Sedimentology, received donation of approximately $30,000 in the way of petrographic microscopes and cameras from ChevronTexaco.

1997-99 High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and 3-D Characterization of the Mississippian Madison Formation through the Integration of Outcrop and Subsurface Data, Madden Deep Field, Wind River Basin, Wyoming, P.I., Industrial Consortium, $155,000.

1995-98 High Resolution Stable Isotopic Fluctuations in Tropical Marine Waters Determined from Inorganic Aragonite Cements: Implications to the Younger Dryas and other High-Frequency Climatic Events, P.I. (with co-P.I.'s D. F. McNeill and P. K. Swart), NSF - Global Change Program, $208,455.

1997-98 A Field-Emission Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope: New Frontiers in the Electron Imaging for Biological and Geological Research, co-P.I. with R. P. Reid, P. L. Blackwelder, E. C. McKinney, and P. J. Walsh, National Science Foundation, MRI Program/OSTI, $460,000.

1997-98 Software grant for geophysical and geological reservoir characterization from Landmark Graphics Corporation, Global University Grant Program, co-P.I. with C. A. Scholz and G. P. Eberli, value approx. $400,000.

1994-97 Industrial Associates Program of the Comparative Sedimentology Laboratory: applied sedimentology, stratigraphy, geochemistry, and geophysics for petroleum exploration and production, co-P.I. with G.P. Eberli, D. F. McNeill, and P. K. Swart.  $168,000 per year.

1996-97 Cyclostratigraphic Correlation and Facies Partitioning of Shoreface Sands in a Cretaceous Mixed Carbonate/Siliciclastic Depositional System, Offshore Angola, co-P.I. (with G. P. Eberli), Chevron Overseas Petroleum, $25,000.

1996-97 High Resolution Lateral Variability in a Mixed Carbonate/Siliciclastic Sedimentary System - Applications to Natural Resource Development, P.I.,  University of Miami, Research Council Award, $4,930.

1995-97 Acquisition of South Florida Holocene Facies Cores for Educational Materials, P.I., Exxon Production Research, $7300.

1995-96 Lateral and Vertical Distribution of Marine Cements along the Margins of Carbonate Platforms: Implications for Reservoir Modeling - A Pilot Study, P.I., Shell Research (The Netherlands), $8000.  

1995-96 Intra-annual, Inter-annual, Decadal and Centennial Climate Variations as

                        Recorded in the Skeletons of Sclerosponges in the Eastern Bahamas and Caribbean, (co-P.I. with D. F. McNeill and P. K. Swart), NOAA National

                        Undersea Research Program, $20,302.

1995                 Workshop on the Application of High-Resolution Outcrop to Subsurface Sequence Stratigraphy to Exploration and Production Problems, (co-P.I. with G. P. Eberli), Elf Aquitaine, Paris and Pau, France, $23,000.

1995                 Proposal and Pilot Study for Developing an Integrated Multidisciplinary

                        Reservoir Characterization Model of Gas-Prone, Cyclic Carbonate Reservoirs, P.I., (with co-P.I., Gregor Eberli), Intera Information Technologies, $5000.

1993-94 Influence of Rapid Cementation and Sea Level Change on Windward Platform Margins, Great Bahama Bank, (co-P.I. with D. F. McNeill and R. N. Ginsburg), NOAA National Undersea Research Program, $15,000.

1992                 Characterization of Sedimentary Processes along an Open Windward Margin, Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas, (co-P.I. with R.N. Ginsburg and D.F. McNeill), NOAA National Undersea Research Program (NURP), $11,500.

1990                 Post-Glacial Evolution of Leeward Platform Margins, Tongue of the Ocean, Bahamas, with R.N. Ginsburg (P.I.), NOAA/NURP, $48,000.

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