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Carbonate Sedimentology and stratigraphy, Carbonate Reservoir Characterization,Petroleum Geology
Professor and Chesapeake Energy Chair of Petroleum Geology

Office:      103D Noble Research Center
Phone:     1.405.744.6358
Fax:          1.405.744.7841
Ph.D.        Marine Geology and Geophysics, University of Miami/RSMAS
M.S.          Geology/Sedimentology, Southern Methodist University
B.S.           Geology, University of South Florida   


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Ph.D. Advisor (OSU)
Beth Van Den Berg, Combining Pore Architecture and Sonic Velocity Response to Predict Reservoir Quality in complex Carbonate Reservoirs, internship summer 2014, Occidental Petroleum, Houston, TX

M.S. Thesis Advisor (OSU)
Buddy Price, Reservoir Characterization Mississippian Carbonates, Mid-Continent, USA.  Internship summer 2013 with Devon Energy, Oklahoma City, OK., Accepted full time position with Devon Energy.

Stephanie LeBlanc, High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of Mississippian Carbonates of the Mid-Continent, USA. Internship with ExxonMobil, Houston, TX.  Internship summer of 2013 with Occidental Petroleum, Houston, TX.  Accepted full time position with ExxonMobil.

Miranda Childress, Stratigraphic Architecture of Mississippian Carbonates, Mid-Continent, USA. internship summer 2014 with Devon Energy

Taylor Thompson, High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and reservoir characterization of Mississippian Carbonates of the Mid-Continent, internship summer 2014 with Linn Energy

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Ph.D. Advisor (WMU)
Tarek Anan, co-chair, Sequence Stratigraphy of Cretaceous carbonate-siliciclastic sediments in the Sinai Peninsula (Abu Qada Formation), Mansoura University, Graduated Sept. 2010, Egyptian Channel Program. Faculty at Mansoura University, Cairo, Egypt.

Yasser Salama, co-chair, Sequence Stratigraphy of Cenomanian-Turonian Strata on the North Sinai Carbonate Shelf, Beni-Suef University, Egyptian Channel Program.  Graduated October 2012.  Faculty at Beni-Suef University, Cairo, Egypt.

M.S. Thesis Advisor (WMU)
Seth Workman, Integrating Depositional Facies and Sequence Stratigraphy in Characterizing Unconventional Reservoirs:  Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas, Internship EOG Resources.  Best Student Poster Award (professional session), ESAAPG 2012.

Jason Asmus, Characterizing the Internal Architecture of Upper Bone Spring Limestone Turbidites and Mass-Transport Deposits (MTDs) Utilizing High-Resolution Image Log Technology, defended Oct. 2012.  Internship with EOG Resources.  Hired by EOG Resources, Midland, TX.

Jennifer Trout, Relative Abundance and General Distribution of Fauna in a Silurian (Wenlock) Pinnacle Reef Complex – Ray Reef, Macomb County, Michigan, defended September 2012.  Internship, US Department of the Interior, Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Shawn McCloskey, 3-D Reservoir Characterization of the South Buckeye Field, Dundee Formation (Devonian), Michigan Basin, USA, Devonian Dundee Formation in the North Buckeye Field, Michigan Basin, defended March 2012.  Hired by Occidental Petroleum, Houston, TX

Peter Feutz, Evaluating the Effects of Lithofacies and Thin Shales on the Lateral Distribution of Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs in the Michigan Basin, defended January 2012.  Internship with Chesapeake Energy. Hired by Chesapeake Energy, Oklahoma City, OK.

Marcel Robinson, Integrating Depositional Facies and Stratigraphy in Characterizing Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs: Trenton Group (Ordovician) of the Albion-Scipio Trend, Michigan Basin, defended July 2012.  Internship with Devon Energy.  Hired by Devon Energy, Oklahoma City, OK.

John Thornton, Prediction of Petrophysical Properties of Trenton-Black River (Ordovician) Reservoirs by Comparing Pore Architecture and Permeability to Sonic Velocity, Defended August 2011. AAPG Grants-in-Aid recipient. Internship with Shell Exploration and Production.  Hired by Shell Exploration and Production, Houston, TX.

Jennifer Schulz, High Resolution Depositional Analysis of the Black River Group (Ordovician), Michigan Basin, defended June 2011. Internship with EOG
Resources (Corpus Christi, TX) 2007.  Won 2nd Place graduate student paper at AAPG job expo, Oklahoma, 2008. Best Student Poster Award in Professional Session, ESAAPG 2008. Hired by Occidental Petroleum Corporation in Houston, TX.

Heather Qualman, 3-D Interpretation of the Reservoir Property Distribution in the Belle River Mills Silurian (Niagaran) Reef, St. Clair County, Michigan, defended July, 2009. Best Student Paper Award, professional session, ESAAPG 2009, won 1st Place, Graduate Student Poster, Eastern Section AAPG 2008. Internship with ExxonMobil.  Hired by ExxonMobil, Houston, TX.

Audrey Ritter, Evaluating the Controls on Reservoir Heterogeneity of Silurian Pinnacle Reefs, Michigan Basin, defended October 2008. Awarded 1st Place, Graduate Student paper contest ES AAPG, 2005, and 2nd Place in 2004 (both while an undergraduate student).  Internship with Equitable Resources (Pittsburgh) in 2006 and Occidental Petroleum (Houston) in 2007.  Hired by ExxonMobil, Houston, TX.

Jessica Crisp, A rock-based 3-D model of the Ray Reef Field, Silurian, Michigan Basin, defended September 2008.  Internships with NASA, 2004 and ExxonMobil, 2007. AAPG Grants-in-Aid recipient.   Hired by ExxonMobil, Houston, TX.

Amy Noack, Analysis of Pore Architecture and Correlation to Sonic Velocity Values in the Silurian (Niagaran) Reefs of the Michigan Basin, defended July 2008. Internship with EOG Resources (2007).  Hired by EOG Resources, Midland, TX.     
Anthony Sandomierski, Evaluating Controls on the Formation of Niagaran Pinnacle Reefs in the Michigan Basin: A Sequence Stratigraphic Approach, defended March 2006.  Awarded Vincent E. Nelson Award from AAPG for Best Poster at ES AAPG, 2005. Internship (2005) with ExxonMobil, Houston.  Hired by ExxonMobil in Houston, TX.

Peter Voice, Characterization of the paleoceanography of the Michigan Basin in Silurian time through stable isotope analysis of articulate brachiopods, defended August 2005.  Ph.D. student at Virginia Tech.

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Advisor (WMU)
Audrey Ritter, Mode of formation for Pennsylvanian phylloid algal mounds in the Paradox Basin, southwestern U.S.A.  Ms. Ritter received a WMU Lee Honors College scholarship for undergraduate research for her project, which is now published in an IAS Special Publication.

Senior Thesis Advisor (Univ. Miami)
Chris M. Crescini, Experimental Determination of the Growth Rates of Carbonate Cement in a Marginal Slope Environment, Exuma Sound, Bahamas, University of Miami/RSMAS (currently with Chevron).
**Mr. Crescini was the recipient of the University of Miami's 1995 Sigma Xi, Best Poster Award for the presentation of his Senior Thesis research.  He was also named the 1995 University of Miami Geology Student of the Year by the Miami Geological Society

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