Todd Halihan's Outreach



Hydrogeology of Fractured and Karstic Aquifers, Hydrogeophyics

Office:      203E Noble Research Center
Phone:    1.405.744.9248
Fax:         1.405.744.7841
Ph.D.        2000 Geology, University of Texas
M.S.         1996 Geology, University of Missouri-Columbia
B.S.          1992 Physics, Monmouth College
P.Gp        California
Professional Driller  - Oklahoma
Divemaster, PADI 


University Service
1.    Emcee for School of Geology advising meetings and orientations
2.    Project Manager, Devon Laboratories
3.    Chairman, Curriculum Committee, BPSoG
4.    Chairman, Chair Search Committees, BPSoG

Professional Sevice
1.    2012-2013, Chair, Hydrogeology Division, Geological Society of America: As chair, I improved communication among the various board members by holding web meetings to move division projects forward.  Additionally, I developed a function to celebrate the contributions of members of the division in the form of a dinner which celebrates contributions to hydrogeology.
2.    2011, Coordinating Instr., EPA Geophysical Tech. Workshop for Shallow Ground Water, Dallas, TX.: I was asked by EPA Region 6 to develop a workshop for how regulators could manage geophysical investigations into groundwater.  The workshop had 80 participant who left with an improved understanding of the various tools available and how to integrate geophysical data into their projects. This included an understanding of how to regulate the products in effective ways to improve project outcomes.
3.    2007, Coordinating Instr., Geological Society of America Short Course, Teaching Field Methods in Hydrogeology, Denver, CO.
4.    2005-2009, Secretary-Treasurer, U.S. Chapter, International Association of Hydrogeologists
5.    2003-2008, Associate Editor, Ground Water, Journal of the National Ground Water Association.

Community Service
•    Organized letter with Dr. Jim Puckette to assist Nature Conservancy
•    Visualization lecture, Kids’ Discovery Camp, “Earthquakes in 3D”
•    Technical Review Team for the Oklahoma Water Resources Board for the Jimmy Creek Issue
•    Invited Expert, Payne County, OK water supply evaluation
•    Technical Review Team for the Oklahoma Water Resources Board for the North Troy Quarry Issue
•    Technical Review Team for the Oklahoma Water Resources Board for the Arbuckle-Simpson Hydrology Project
•    Invited speaker, Austin School District, 2nd grade.  Lecture entitled, “Water quality differences between tap water, distilled water, and Coke.”
•    Display organizer for water quality display for Austin Science Fun Day.
•    Invited speaker, Austin School District, 6th grade.  Lecture entitled, “Major Geological Disasters – past and future.”

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