Todd Halihan's Students



Hydrogeology of Fractured and Karstic Aquifers, Hydrogeophyics

Office:      203E Noble Research Center
Phone:    1.405.744.9248
Fax:         1.405.744.7841
Ph.D.        2000 Geology, University of Texas
M.S.         1996 Geology, University of Missouri-Columbia
B.S.          1992 Physics, Monmouth College
P.Gp        California
Professional Driller  - Oklahoma
Divemaster, PADI 


DIRECT SUPERVISION – Graduate Students
2013-    Lauren Guidry, M.Sc. Student, OSU Geology
2012-    Valina Sefa, M.Sc. student, OSU Environmental Science
2011-    David Correll, M.Sc. student, OSU Environmental Science
2011-2013    Robert Reynolds, M.Sc. student, OSU Environmental Science
        Hydrogeophysical Evidence of Groundwater Convection
    in the Nacimiento Fault
2010-2012    Andrew Dressler, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
A Hydrogeophysical Conceptual Model of Mount Toondina Impact Crater, South Australia
2010-2012    Tyler Swinea, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
Thermal Controls on Springs in the Eastern Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer System
2009-2011    Matin Alavi, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
2009-2011    Kathryn Jackson, M.S. student, OSU Geology
    A Modern Depositional Model of the Great Salt Plains (GSP) In Alfalfa County, Oklahoma and Its Potential as A Holocene Climate Archive
2008-2012    Shannon Jeffries, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Transient Hydrogeophysical Investigation Of A Gasoline Impacted Site, Enid, Oklahoma
2008-2011    Meghan Dailey, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Hydrogeophysical Evidence for Ground Water Mixing at Freeling Spring Group, South Australia
2008-2009    Kathleen Thompson, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
2006-2010    Jason Faith, Ph.D. student, OSU Geology
2006-2008    Michael Sample, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
Characterization of the Epikarst over the Hunton Anticline, Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer, Oklahoma
2005-2010    Khayyun Rahi, Ph.D. student, OSU Geology
Estimating the Hydraulic Parameters of the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer by Analysis of Naturally-Induced Stresses
2005-2007    Emiko Konishi, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Use Of ERI To Find The Source Of Saline Impacts In Edmond, Oklahoma
2005-2007    Jennifer Thorstad, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
The Influence of Borehole Construction on LNAPL Thickness Measurements
2005-2006    Sassan Mouri, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
Using Streams and Faults as Lineaments to Delineate Aquifer Characteristics
2004-2007    Mathew Riley, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Investigation of Fault Properties Using Electrical Resistivity Imaging
2004-2006    Shayne Cole, M.Sc. student, OSU Environmental Science
    Evaluation of the Geochemistry in the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer: Finding Flow Paths
2004    Brad Brittain, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
Ground Water Drawdown Trends and Model Post Audit for the Sundre and Minot/Lower Souris Aquifers, North Dakota
2002-2007    Ivy Graham, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
Electrical Resistivity Imaging Of A Remediated Gasoline Site In Golden, Oklahoma
2001-2004    Julie Turrentine, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Using Transient Electrical Resistivity to Characterize an Active Heap Leach Site
2001-2003    Jerome McSorley, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Direct Push Electrical Resistivity Tomography to Detect LNAPL
2000-2003    Steven Fair, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
DIRECT SUPERVISION – Undergraduate Students
2013-    Kaitlyn Beard, Senior Project
2013-    Kyle Spears, Senior Project
2012-2013    Jon Fields, Senior Project
2008-2009    Meghan Dailey, OSU Geology, BOR Recharge Project
2007-2009    Chris Mace, OSU Geology, Wentz Project
2007-2008    Audrey Sima, OSU Geology, Senior Project Supervisor
2007-2008    Kathleen Thompson, OSU Environmental Science, Senior Project Supervisor
2006    Joseph Blythe, OSU Geology, University Honors Program Supervisor
2005-2006    Haley Rader, OSU Agricultural Economics, Wentz Project
2005    Emily Bode, OSU Honors Student, University Honors Program Supervisor
2004-2005    Matin Alavi, OSU Geology, Wentz Project
2003    Kallina Crary, OSU Geology, University Honors Program Supervisor
2000-2001    Alex Simms, OSU Geology, University Honors Program Supervisor
1999    Tom Wilson, undergraduate student, FUSA

2012-    Muhammad Abbasi, M.S. student, OSU Geology
2012-    Daniel Morse, M.S. student, OSU Geology
2012-    Pride Abongwa, Ph.D. student, OSU Geology
2010-    Samiya Albulushi, M.S. student, OSU Geology
2011-    Bethany Scott, M.S. student, OSU Plant and Soil Science
2011-2012    Eric Akoko, Ph.D. student, OSU Geology
2010-2012    Sam Wei, M.S. student, OSU Geology
2010-2012    Kraig Popelka, M.S. student, OSU Geology
    Estimating the thermal structure of oceans using seismic and fluid-dynamic modeling
2010-2011    Bridget Kelly, M.S. student, UNL SNR
    Using Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) To Map Saline Groundwater And Subaqueous Spring Discharge: An Example From The Saline Wetlands Of Eastern Nebraska
2009-2012    Ronald Miller, Ph.D. student, OSU Environmental Science
    Hydrogeophysics of Gravel-Dominated Alluvial Floodplains in Eastern Oklahoma
2009-2011   Teresa Randall, Ph.D. student, OSU Environmental Science
Assessment of Change in Conservation Attitudes through Zoo Education
2009-2010    Kathryn Jackson, M.S. student, OSU Geology
2008-2010    Hendratta Ali, Ph.D. student, OSU Geology
2004-2006    Garry H. Gregory, Ph.D. student, OSU, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Shear Strength, Creep and Stability of Fiber-Reinforced Soil Slopes
2004-    Joel D. Stevens, Ph.D. student, University of Texas at Austin, Department of Geological Sciences
2004-    Khrishna E. Wright, M.Sc. student, OSU Environmental Science
2003-2004    Gregory Gromadzki, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Outcrop-based Gamma-ray Characterization of Arsenic-Bearing Lithofacies in the Garber-Wellington Formation, Central Oklahoma Aquifer (COA), Cleveland County, Oklahoma
2002-2003    Shana Mashburn, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Arkansas River Quaternary Aquifer: Characteristics and Water Quality, Osage Reservation, Northeastern Oklahoma
2002-2003    Amy Seiger, M.Sc. student, OSU Plant and Soil Sciences
    Applying Hydrological Models and Soil Characteristics to Assess Size and Design for Septic Systems
2001-2003    Melanie McPhail, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Geological Controls On The Location And Distribution Of An LNAPL Plume At A Site In Enid, Oklahoma
2001-    Tom Kropatsch, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
2001-2002    S. Jerrod Smith, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Downstream fining in a sand-bed segment of the Canadian River, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma
2001    Suzanne Dudding, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Areal extent of lead and zinc contamination in the Boone Aquifer in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas
2001-2003    Andrew Swindle, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Water Chemistry of Selected Springs, Boone Aquifer, Delaware County, Oklahoma
2001-2003    Christopher Neel, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Analyses of Terrestrial Rock Glaciers as analogues to Martian Landforms
2001-2003    Caleb Cope, M.Sc. student, OSU Geology
    Sediment Characterization: Alluvium and Terrace Deposits, Arkansas River, Southern Osage County, Oklahoma
    COMMITTEE SUPERVISION – Undergraduate Students
2005    Kallina Crary, OSU Geology, University Honors Senior Thesis
2002    Tania Dhu, Honors student, Adelaide University
    Environmental Monitoring using Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT)

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