Jack C. Pashin's Laboratory



Professor and Devon Petroleum Chair of Basin Research

Office:      103G Noble Research Center
Phone:     1.405.744.5308
Fax:          1.405.744.7841
Ph.D.        1990 University of Kentucky
M.S.          1985 University of Kentucky
B.S.           1982 Bradley University


Basin Analysis and Unconventional Reservoir Research Laboratory

My laboratory facilities are continually expanding and are being built around the analysis of sedimentary basins, petroleum reservoirs, and geologic carbon sinks. Facilities include core storage and observation, sedimentary and organic petrology, and reservoir characterization.

Photomicrograph of tar-bearing Mississippian-age dolomitic limestone with oomoldic porosity (blue) and heavy oil (dark brown).

Laboratory equipment includes a portable spectral gamma scintillometer and a portable minipermeameter. An advanced petrologic microscope system has transmitted and reflected light capabilities, as well as white- and blue-light and capabilities that include the determination of vitrinite reflectance and quantitative analysis of fluorescence spectra.

Computational facilities include PetroMod basin analysis software, COMET3 and GEM reservoir simulation software, image analysis packages, and access to the department’s Petra and Petrel licenses.

Computer model of fracture networks and hydraulic compartmentalization in coalbed methane reservoirs.

Additional laboratory facilities are being developed cooperatively with the Petroleum Engineering program at OSU and include a high-resolution CT-Scan microscope. Petrophysical facilities are being constructed that focus on the porosimetry and permeametry of tight reservoir rocks.





Burial and thermal history models of Paleozoic strata in the southern Appalachian foreland developed using PetroMod software.

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