Jim Puckette's Courses



Basin Architecture, Petroleum Geology of Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs, and Reservoir/Aquifer Characterization.

Office:      405 Noble Research Center
Phone:     1.405.744.6374
Fax:          1.405.744.7841
Ph.D.        1996 Oklahoma State University
M.S.          1990 Oklahoma State University
B.S.          1976 Secondary Science Educaton, Oklahoma State University
B.S.          1976 Geology, Oklahoma State University


GEOL 1014   Geology and Human Affairs
GEOL 1114   Physical Geology    
GEOL 2254   Mineralogy    
GEOL 3503   Environmental Geology
GEOL 3546   Field Geology
GEOL 4023   Petroleum Geology
GEOL 4323   Well Log Analysis for Engineers
GEOL 4403   Geochemistry
GEOL 4990   Special Problems in Earth Science
GEOL 5253   Petrology of Clastic Rocks
GEOL 5283   Subsurface Methods
GEOL 5523   Organic Geochemistry
GEOL 5353   Advanced Well Log Analysis
GEOL 5553   Environmental Geochemistry
GEOL 5603   Basin Analysis
GEOL 5710   Advance Studies in Geology
GEOL 6283   Geology of Shale team (20%)

Student Assessment of Instructor for 54 Courses (2000-2012):  3.6/4.0
Student Assessment of for 64Courses (2000-2012): 3.75/4.0

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