Tracy M. Quan's Research



Associate Professor
Adjunct Professor -  OSU Department of Chemistry

Office:    103E Noble Research Center
Phone:   1.405.744.5917
Fax:        1.405.744.7841
Ph.D.       2005 MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution        
B.S.         1999 University of California, San Diego-Revelle College

Research Program
Current research projects include using nitrogen and carbon isotopes as proxies to evaluate environmental conditions of aquatic environments and to identify source rocks for petroleum and unconventional resources; evaluating environmental conditions of aquatic environments, past and present using biogeochemical techniques; characterization of oceanic dissolved organic matter (DOM) using chemical, spectroscopic and isotopic measurement techniques.

Working Groups/Consortia
•    Unconventional Hydrocarbon Center (OSU)
•    NICOPP (Nitrogen Cycle in the Ocean, Past and Present), PAGES (Past Global Changes)/IMAGES (2010-2011)

Recent Funded Projects
1.    National Science Foundation GEO OCE-0961914: Quan, T. M. Nitrogen cycle changes across the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction event.  Duration of award 7/1/10-6/30/14.  Total funding $343,893.
2.  Newfield Exploration Company; PI: D. Boardman; Co-PIs: J. Pashin, E. Atekwana, J. Puckette, T. M. Quan, M. Grammer.  High resolution stratigraphy, paleoceanography, and conodont biostratigraphy of the Mississippian Strata and Devonian Woodford Shale in the Newfield Central Oklahoma coring project. Duration 4/9/14-6/1/16.  Total funding: $546,894.00. 

Professional Affiliations
•    American Geophysical Union (AGU), affiliated with Ocean Sciences Section
•    American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO)
•    Geological Society of America  (GSA)
•    Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG)
•    Tulsa Geological Society (TGS)
•    Geochemical Society
•    American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
•    American Chemical Society (ACS)

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