Vilcaez's Students


Computational Modeling, Earth Resources, Environment
Assistant Professor

Office:       103B Noble Research Center
Phone:       405-744-6361
Fax:            405-744-7841

Ph.D.          2009  Tohoku University, Japan
M.Eng.        2006   Gunma University, Japan
B.Eng.        1998   Univ. of St. Francis Xavier, Bolivia



University of Tokyo ( co-advising, completed)

Master Students
1. V. Attavitkamthorn. “Metamodeling of gas flooding EOR in Pattani Basin, Thailand”. July 2013.
2. H. Li. Global optimization of well placement for CO2 injection and brine production based on an
iterative Latin hypercube sampling method”. March 2014.
3. O. Ishag. “Uncertainty analysis of maximum sustainable injection rate in CO2 geological storage”.
July 2014.

Oklahoma State University (current)

Ph.D. Students
1. P. Ebrahimi. “Environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing wastewater disposal into deep saline
aquifers”. Expected 2018.
2. B. Shabani. “Numerical modeling and simulation of combined geological CO2 storage (GCS) and
microbial enhanced hydrocarbon recovery (MEHR)”. Expected 2019.
Master Students
3. J. York. “Stimulation of microbial methanogenesis from CO2 and oil in the Cushing oil field”.
Expected 2017.
Undergraduate Students
4. T. Williams. “Reactive transport of biocide reagents through shale gas and dolomite rocks ”.


Oklahoma State University (current)
Ph.D. Students
1. R. Agnew. Environmental Science.
2. B.O. Ibukum. School of Geology.
3. C. Obasi. School of Geology.

Master Students
4. J. Fields. School of Geology.
5. S. Sharma. School of Geology.

University of Tokyo, Japan
1. Advances in simulation (F2014), Co-teaching
2. Global environment (F2011 and F2013)
3. Environmental petroleum and mineral engineering (S2011, S2012), Co-teaching

Oklahoma State University

1. Groundwater modeling (S2015)
2. Contaminant transport (F2015)
3. Geochemistry (F2015, F2016) 


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