Mohamed Abdelsalam's Students



Boone Pickens Chair

Office:     303AF Noble Research Center
Fax:         1.405.744.7841
Ph.D.       1993 UT Dallas
M.S.         1987 U. Khartoum
B.S.          1984 U. Khartoum



Past PhD Students

Beyene, Alebachew (UT Dallas) – Graduated Summer 04
Dissertation title: Evolution of Afar, Ethiopia from orbital optical and radar images.

Ren, Dianwei (UT Dallas) – Graduated Fall 05
Title of Dissertation: ASTER digital image processing for geological applications: Examples from the Neoproterozoic Allaqi-Heiani Suture, Egypt.

Gani, Nahid (UT Dallas) - Graduated Spring 06
Title of Dissertation: Geological evolution and incision history of the Gorge of the Nile on the Ethiopian plateau from remote sensing and geographic information system analysis, and field studies.

Thurmond, Allison (UT Dallas) – Graduated Spring 07
Title of Dissertation: The role of strike-slip faulting in the evolution of the Afar Depression from remote sensing data fusion, field studies and radar interferometry.

Bridges, David (Missouri S&T) – Graduated Spring 11 – Co-supervised with Dr. Gao
    Title of Dissertation: A geological and geophysical study of the Tendaho graben in the Afar Depression, Ethiopia: Insights into transitioning continental rifting.

Carrie Bottenberg (Missouri S&T) – Graduate Summer 2012
    Title of Dissertation: Plate Kinematics of the Afro-Arabian Rift System with emphasis on the Afar Depression, Ethiopia.

Current PhD Students

Hanadi Al-Doukhi (Missouri S&T) - Started Fall 09

Past MS Students

Williamson, David (UT Dallas) – Graduated Fall 03
Thesis title; Polyphase deformation of the eastern central province, Oklahoma Ouachita Mountains; Evidence in support of an unconformity model for the tectonic evolution of the Ouachita Orogen.

Pena, Sherrie (UT Dallas) – Graduated Spring 05
Thesis title: Geological remote sensing in southern Tunisia for oil and gas exploration.

El-Nagdy, Sherief (UT Dallas) – Graduated Fall 05
Thesis Title: Hyper-spectral and multi-spectral analysis of the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) data: examples from the Neoproterozoic Um Nar Banded Iron Formation (BIF), Egypt.

Mote, Danny (UT Dallas) – Graduated Summer 06
    Thesis title: Neogene uplift history of the western Picuris Mountains, New Mexico.

El-Sheikh, Ahmed (Missouri S&T) – Graduate Fall 2009
Thesis title: Geology and Geophysics of the Darfur Mega-lake, Sudan: Implication for groundwater resources.

Lansbery, Leslie (Missouri S&T) – Graduated Spring 11
    Thesis title: Geological and geomorphological evolution of the Egyptian Nile between Aswan and Kom Ombo: A remote sensing and field study approach.

Ismail, Elamin (Missouri S&T) – Graduated Summer 11
    Thesis title: Morpho-tectonic analysis of the Tekeze and the Blue Nile drainage systems of the Northwestern Ethiopian Plateau, Ethiopia.

Nawwaf Almuntshry (Missouri S&T) – Graduated Fall 12
    Thesis title: Evaluating the effectiveness of multi-spectral remote sensing data for     geological mapping in arid regions: A quantitative approach with examples from the     Makkah Neoproterozoic terrain, Saudi Arabia.

Current MS Students

Michelle Price (Missouri S&T) – Started Fall 11
Tom Jerris (Missouri S&T) – Started Fall 07 - Co-supervised with Dr. John Hogan
Haifa Al-Salmi (Oklahoma State University) – Stated Fall 2012

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