Eliot Atekwana's Research



Office:    103F Noble Research Center
Phone:   1.405.744.9247
Fax:        1.405.744.7841

PhD:        1996 Western Michigan University
M.S.         1987 Howard University
B.S.          1984 University of Maryland


Research Program

Stable isotopes are useful in investigating physical, chemical, and biological processes, as these processes are associated with distinct isotopic signatures or shifts in the isotopic signatures. My research focuses on the application of stable isotopes of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen in geologic systems. In my research, I use stable isotopes to trace the carbon and water cycles. In addition, I use stable isotopes as a tool to investigate biogeochemical cycles and the fate and transport of contaminants.

Recent Funded Projects
1)    National Science Foundation (2011-2014). Collaborative Research: Integrated studies of early stages of continental extension: From incipient (Okavango) to young (Malawi) rifts.
2)    Chevron-Texaco (2011-2013). Biogeophysics for optimized mitigation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils: From theoretical developments, laboratory experiments to field validation.
3)    National Science Foundation (2010-2011). RAPID Proposal: Understanding early time biogeophysical signals of the microbial degradation of crude oil from the BP spill in saline marshlands.
4)    OSU College of Arts and Sciences (2010) Travel grant for FY 2010.
5)    OSU College of Arts and Sciences Student Technology Fee (2010). Purchase Solinist 3001 LT Levelogger Gold
6)    National Science Foundation (2009-2010). Workshop on geophysical studies of continental rift initiation at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts.
7)    National Science Foundation (2009-20013): IRES: Research Opportunities to Investigate Carbon Cycling in the Okavango River Delta, Botswana for US Undergraduate and Graduate geosciences students.
8)    National Science Foundation (2007-20010): MRI - Acquisition of a Field Emission Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope to Enhance Research and Teaching at Oklahoma State University.
9)    National Science Foundation (2006-2009): IRES: Research Opportunities in Neotectonics of Incipient Continental Rift Zones for US Undergraduate and Graduate Geosciences Students in Botswana and Zambia.
10)    National Science Foundation (2005-2010): Impacts of Acid mine drainage on carbon cycling in receiving streams. (+REU Supplement).
11)    OSU College of Arts and Sciences Student Technology Fee (2007). Purchase of YSI 556-01 Multi-parameter probes and Solinist 3001 LT Levelogger Gold.


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