Eliot Atekwana's Students



Office:    103F Noble Research Center
Phone:   1.405.744.9247
Fax:       1.405.744.7841

PhD:        1996 Western Michigan University
M.S.         1987 Howard University
B.S.          1984 University of Maryland


Current Students
•    Pride Abongwa (PhD; 2014)
Dissertation: Assessing the temporal evolution of dissolved inorganic carbon and stable carbon isotopes in surface waters exposed to atmospheric CO2(g). (published 1 manuscript)
•    Mary Niles (MS; 2015).
Thesis: Chemical and isotopic variations in hot and cold springs along the Luangwa Rift, Zambia.
•    Nicole Paizis (MS; 2015).
Thesis: Deil cycle of solutes and dissolved inorganic carbon in a wetland dominated river in semi arid NW Botswana.
•    Stephanie Wisler (MS; 2015)
Thesis: Investigating sedimentation from mega Lake Deception near Gumare NW Botswana using sedimentary, chemical and isotopic proxies.
•    Rawlings Akondi (Ms; 2014)
Thesis: Carbon cycling and groundwater evolution in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.
•    Christopher Geyer (MS; 2014).
Thesis: Spatial and temporal fate of nitrate contamination in groundwater in a Stillwater OK residence.
•    Scott D. Meier (MS; 2014).
Thesis: Investigating the processes that control the chemistry during the refilling Lake Ngami in semiarid northwest Botswana.
•    Eric Seeger (MS; 2013)
Thesis: Investigating the fate of solutes and organic contaminants from highly saline produced waters in freshwater environments.

Graduated Students
•    Morgan Ostroski (MS; 2013) Oklahoma State University
Thesis: Investigating the formation and evolution of mega-paleolakes in the middle Kalahari of semi-arid Botswana from sedimentary and geochemical proxies.
•    Aaron Fields (MS; 2012) Oklahoma State University
Thesis: Investigating paleoflooding in the Okavango Delta, northwest Botswana from sedimentary records
•    Eric Akoko (MS; 2011) Oklahoma State University
Thesis: River-wetland interaction and carbon cycling in a semi-arid riverine system: The Okavango Delta, Botswana (published 1 manuscript)
•    Hendratta Ali (PhD; 2010) Oklahoma State University
Dissertation: Carbon cycling and stable isotope evolution in neutral mine drainage (published 2 manuscripts).
•    Jennifer Gamrod (2009) Oklahoma State University
Thesis: Paleolimnological records of environmental change preserved in Paleo-lake Mababe, northwest Botswana
•    Kristi Teter (MS; 2009) Oklahoma State University
Thesis: Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of Paleolake Mababe northwestern Botswana from sediment chemistry and biological productivity data.
•    Ernest Fonyuy (PhD; 2007) University of Missouri Rolla.
Dissertation: Impact of acid mine drainage on carbon cycling in receiving streams (published 3 manuscripts).
•    Andrea Silva (MS; 2005) University of Missouri Rolla
Thesis: Climatic interpretation of secondary carbonates resulting from concrete degradation
•    Dorothea S. Richardson (MS; 2002) IUPUI
Thesis: Geochemical and isotopic evidence of groundwater support of the Corral Canyon wet meadow complex, central Nevada, USA. (published 1 manuscript)

•    Christopher Geyer (BS, 2012)-Undergraduate laboratory/research assistant
Project: NSF-REU: Carbon cycling in acid mine drainage streams.
•    Nicole Paizis (BS, 2013)- Undergraduate laboratory/research assistant
Project: NSF-REU: Carbon cycling in acid mine drainage streams.
Project: Carbon cycling in the Okavango Delta, Botswana
•    Lauren Guidry - Undergraduate laboratory/research assistant
Project: NSF-REU: Carbon cycling in acid mine drainage streams.
•    Sara Drueckhammer (BS; 2009) OSU
Wetnz Fellowship Project: Water Quality in the North Bosque River Watershed, Erath County Texas
•    Jessica Magers (BS; 2009) OSU
Wetnz Fellowship Project: Acid mine drainage contamination of Neosho and Spring Rivers and Grand Lake in the Tar Creek area.
•    Christina Miller (IUPUI; 2004)
Research Project: Temporal controls on dissolved inorganic carbon in a small urbanized catchment
•    Leda Jackson (IUPUI; 2002)
Research Project: Comparative Study of Hydrologic Exchange in Sub-Tropical Estuaries, Southwest Florida, USA
•    Mark Fisherkeller (BS; IUPUI; 1999)
Thesis: Environmental information from carbonates formed by concrete degradation


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