Estella Atekwana's Research


Department Head, Regents Professor of Geology
Sun Company Clyde Wheeler Chair Professor of Hydrogeology
Biogeophysics, Tectonics, Near Surface Geophysics

Office:    103B Noble Research Center
Phone:   1.405.744.6358
Fax:        1.405.744.7841

PhD:       1991 Dalhousie University
M.S.        1986 Howard University
B.S.         1983 Howard University


Biogeophysics Research
Biogeophysics research focuses on understanding the effect of microbial interactions with geologic media on geophysical properties. As such my biogeophysical research has included studies on biofilm growth and development, microbial nanowires, microbial attachment and transport in porous media, electrical, magnetic and seismic imaging of microbial processes, and biogeophysical signatures of oil spills and petroleum microbial systems.

Tectonics Research

My tectonics research focuses primarily on understanding where and how continental rifts are initiated with particular attention to continental rift zones such as the Okavango Rift Zone in NW Botswana, the Albertine (Uganda) and Malawi Rifts. I am also interested in the role Precambrian lithospheric structures play in rift initiation and strain localization. Other studies include extensional terranes in southwest Turkey and understanding tectonic controls on river systems such as the Nile River in Egypt.

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