Estella Atekwana's Students


Department Head, Regents Professor of Geology
Sun Company Clyde Wheeler Chair Professor of Hydrogeology
Biogeophysics, Tectonics, Near Surface Geophysics

Office:    103B Noble Research Center
Phone:   1.405.744.6358
Fax:        1.405.744.7841

PhD:       1991 Dalhousie University
M.S.        1986 Howard University
B.S.         1983 Howard University


Current Students

•    Mercy Achang (PhD, 2015)
Dissertation: Geophysical signatures of microbial biofilms

•    Andrew Katumwehe (PhD, 2014)
Dissertation: The role of pre-existing structures in strain localization, rift segmentation and termination in the Albertine and Rhino grabens, Uganda from geophysical and remote sensing data.

•    Farag Mewafy (PhD, 2013)
Dissertation: Understanding the spectral induced polarization signatures at hydrocarbon contaminated sites

•    Jason Baugh (MS, 2013)
 Thesis: Magnetic susceptibility as a proxy for oil bearing shales

•    Brittany Ford (MS, 2014)
Thesis: Understanding iron cycling at a hydrocarbon contaminated site: implications for the interpretation of biogeophysical data

•    Alan LePera (MS, 2014)
Thesis: An investigation of Giant Dike Swarms: An example from the Okavango Dike Swarm

•    Khumo Leseane (MS 2014)
Thesis: The role of Cratons and Precambrian lithospheric heterogeneity in rift initiation and strain localization in the initiation of the Okavango Rift Zone.

•   Kitso Matende (MS 2015)
Thesis:  Gravity and Magnetic studies of the Luangwa rift, Zambia.

•    Daniel Morse (MS, 2013)
Thesis: Investigating magnetic susceptibility signatures across a hydrocarbon contaminated site, Enid, Oklahoma.

•    Kat Robertson (MS, 2015)
Thesis: Geophysical studies of the Malawi Rift

•    Byron Waltman( MS, 2013)
Thesis: Gravity study of the Mweru Rift, Zambia

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