PhD Students 2016



Our grad students come from all over the nation and the world.  Their partnership with the faculty in the laboratories provides a great hands-on learning environment for
the undergraduate students, while their research helps to produce new knowledge as well as enhance our understanding of geologic processes at the frontiers of science.


Ph.D Students: 


 Achang Mercy

Mercy Achang
Advisor: Dr. Estella Atekwana



Aghayan Afshin

Afshin Aghayan
Advisor:  Dr. Priyank Jaiswal


Alam Iftekhar

MD Iftekhar Alam
Advisor: Dr. Priyang Jaiswal

Alemu Tadesse
Tadesse Alemu
Advisor: Dr. Mohamed Abdelsalam

 Bode Ibk portrait

Ibukunoluwa Bode Omoleye
Advisor: Dr. Tracy Quan

   male sihlouette
Mark Bryan
Bynum Jamar
Jamar Bynum
Advisor: Dr. Michael Grammer
  Demissie Zelalem1
Zelalem Demissie
Advisor:  Dr. Mohamed Abdelsalam
  Ebrahimi Pouyan 
Pouyan Ebrahimi
Advisor:  Dr. Javier Vilcaez
Faith Jason
Jason Faith
Advisor:  Dr. Estella Atekwana
  Godwin Cory
Cory Godwin
Advisor: Dr. Jim Puckette
   male sihlouette
Andrew Katumehe
Meng Jingyao (Jenny) 
Jenny Meng
Advisor:  Dr. Jack Pashin
  Mohamadi sahar1 
Sohar Mohammadi
Advisor:  Dr. Jay Gregg
  Obasi Christian
 Christian Obasi
Advisor:  Dr. Jay Gregg
Shabani Babak
 Babak Shabani
Advisor:  Dr. Javier Vilcaez
Shukla Khemraj
Khemraj Shukla
Advisor:  Dr. Priyang Jaiswal
  male sihlouette 
Tim Sickbert
Sutcliffe Mark 
Mark Sutcliffe
Advisor:  Dr. Michael Grammer
   female sihlouette
Beth Vanden Berg
  Wang Yulun 
Yulun Wang
Advisor:  Dr. Michael Grammer
Whitesell Laurie 
Laurie Whitesell
Advisor:  Dr. Jack Pashin
Liang Xue
Advisor:  Dr. Mohamed Abdelsalam