Continental Dynamics Tectonics




The Continental Dynamics/Tectonics research cluster conducts fundamental research to understand the origin and evolution of the continents. We focus on understanding the processes that occur at plate tectonic boundaries and within the continental interiors. We employ an interdisciplinary approach including geophysics to image the subsurface and the surface of continents, and structural geology and remote sensing to analyze structures at all scales. Our research programs have conducted work on various topics including extension along the East African Rift System, and arc-continent collision of the Caribbean and North American plates.  Research on the East African Rift System seeks to understand the geodynamic processes controlling the initiation and propagation of rift basins and the crustal and upper mantle structure from the Okavango Rift System (the youngest segment of the East African Rift System) to the Afar Depression (the most mature segment of the East African Rift System).  Research on the Caribbean and North American Plates focuses on understanding the kinematics and strain along oblique convergent plate boundaries. We are also conducting research to understand the origin of the increased seismicity in Oklahoma.



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Mohamad AdelSalam
Estella Atekwana
Daniel Laó Dávila