American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Student Chapter


The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Student Chapter at Oklahoma State University is dedicated to being a pre-professional organization, providing students with opportunities for leadership experience, education, and chances to interact with members of industry.

The goal of OSU’s AAPG is to expose our students to industry professionals on a regular basis by hosting guest speakers, supplying software training, and holding other great events. In the end, our students will be able to add to their professional tool belts and advance their understanding of the science and business of the oil and gas industry.


AAPG Events

AAPG Awards

AAPG Leadership 2018-19:

President: Maria Reistroffer

Vice President: Alejandra Torres

Treasurer: Hannah Ghotbi

Secretary: Stone Urban

Social Chair: Mary Tkach

Members at Large: John Clymer
                                Zac Tunin

 For more information about us or how to join, contact:

President: Maria Reistroffer
Email: mreistr@okstate.edu

Vice President: Alejandra Torres
Email: alejandra.santiago_torres@okstate.edu

Secretary: Stone Urban
Email: stone.urban@okstate.edu

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Grammer
Email: michael.grammer@okstate.edu 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jim Puckette
Email: jim.puckette@okstate.edu