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Cowgirl Student Chapter

Association for women geologists (AWG) is a club supporting the participation of women in geoscience. The AWG Cowgirl Student Chapter is supported under the National Organization of Association for Women Geoscientists, based in Thornton, Colorado. Our local adopts the purpose of the national association by encouraging the participation of women geology, exchanging information, and networking students with professionals to enhance the growth of women’s interests and advancements in geoscience.


AWG holds bi-weekly meeting every Tuesday. We hold fundraising events such as an annual Cowgirl Chapter Chili Cookoff as well as semi-annual bake sales. Some of the various events we participate in consist of outdoor adventures with local elemetary school children (K-6)We are also involved in many community activities including EPSCOR Women in Science Conference every spring, teaching young women geology with our activity booth. We attend Outdoor adventure days at local elementary schools teaching kids K-6 about geology, taking them through the rock cycle, minerals, fossils, and ability to dig for their own minerals in the sandbox we set up. We work in conjunction with AAPG to help local Boy and Girl Scout troops earn their geology badges, making learning geology fun for the kids. Activities for the club members include camping and caving trips, mineral collection, lecture series in geology, and networking social events with professionals in the industry.



President – Courtney Dunn
Vice President – Kayla King
Secretary – Courtney Dunn
Treasurer - Alejandra Santiago-Torres
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tracy Quan


How to Join:

To become a member of AWG, please follow the link below and apply online. 
To become a member of the Cowgirl Student Chapter, please see the organization president.

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