Message from Undergraduate Counselor  |  Sheri M. Orr

Geology is a discipline centered on interpreting the history of the Earth; discovering, recognizing and 
using natural resources to improve the quality of human life, and occupying the planet in a safer manner 
through awareness of events that continue to shape its surface. Our undergraduate curriculum is designed
to prepare students for graduate school and careers in industry, federal and state agencies.  We offer 
suggested courses for select sub-disciplines in Geology to better serve our students’ interests.

We are committed to enhancing student success and retention by engaging our students in high-  quality research. 
Our faculty provides hands-on research experiences as well as international research experiences for students in 
several countries around the world. We also encourage our students to participate in study abroad programs. 
Through the generous support of our alumni we provide several scholarships to our undergraduate students. 
The Boone Pickens School of Geology gladly welcomes visitors and we would be proud to show you our state-of-the-art
teaching and research facilities.

For questions contact Sheri Orr:  sheri.m.orr@okstate.edu