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Message from the Graduate Coordinator  |  Mohamed AbdelSalam

Geology is a discipline centered on interpreting the history of the Earth; discovering,
recognizing and using natural resources to improve the quality of human life; and inhabit
the planet in a safer manner though awareness of events that continue to shape its surface.
Geology graduate students are provided with a high quality education, designed to develop
leadership skills and enhance employment opportunities.

Research in the Boone Pickens School of Geology is concentrated in the areas of conventional
and unconventional energy resources, continental dynamics and tectonics, environmental/hydrogeology,
paleoenvironment/climatology. Students have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge
international research projects in several countries and regions of the world. Our graduates find
rewarding careers
in leading energy and environmental industries, at state, local, national, international
government agencies, in consulting and in academia.

We have state of the art facilities in Petroleum Geology, Geochemistry, Exploration Geophysics,
Hydrogeophysics, Biogeophysics, Paleoclimate, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Paleontology, Organic
Geochemistry, Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Planetary Geology, and Remote Sensing

The School provides funding opportunities for most graduate students from a variety of sources
including research fellowships, school fellowships, teaching and research assistantships, corporate
scholarships, private scholarships and strives to fund the majority of graduate students. Funding
includes both tuition waivers and a monthly stipend.

For questions contact Dr. Abdelsalam at
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