Abdelsalam Courses

History of Courses taught by Dr. Abdelsalam

Undergraduate Courses

GEOL 1114 Physical Geology (Taught 2 times at Oklahoma State)
GEO 51 Physical and Environmental Geology (Taught 5 times at Missouri S&T)
GEOS 1303 Physical Geology (Taught 1 time at UT Dallas)
Introduction to Earth materials, processes that have shaped the Earth through geologic time, geological hazards, mineral resources, and human’s impact on the environment. Discussion on water, groundwater circulation, and glaciation. Examination of Earth's interior and internal geologic processes such as volcanism, earthquakes, crustal deformation, and plate tectonics.

GEO/GE 248 Fundamentals of GIS (Taught 4 times at Missouri S&T)
Scientific and technical fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) including digital representation of geographical data, geographical projections, geo-referencing. Discussion on spatial and non-spatial data for addressing issues such as location, patterns, trends, conditions and implications. Training input-output, analysis, and modeling of spatial and non-spatial data in a GIS digital environment.

GEOS 2407 Field Geology I (Taught 6 times at UT Dallas)
Hand-on experience with the collection, analysis, and presentation of geological field data in preparation for enrollment in GEOS 4304 Field Geology II (Summer Field Camp). Discussion on topographic maps and topographic profiles, surveying, geological maps construction and interpretation, field notes, stratigraphic columns, outcrop patterns, geological cross sections, geological illustrations, and technical reports writing.

GEOL 3073 Geomorphology (Taught 2 time at Oklahoma State)
Outlining key concepts in geomorphology including how different geological processes have shaped and is shaping the surface of the Earth. Summary of different geomorphological research methods. Discussion on how exogenic processes such water, glacier and wind weathering produce different landscapes. Discussion on how endogenic processes such as volcanism and tectonism contributes to geomorphological changes. Discussion of how geomorphological changes affect the climate.

GEO/GE 344 Remote Sensing Technology (Taught 6 times at Missouri S&T)
GEOS 3334/5325 Remote Sensing (Taught 5 times at UT Dallas) Principles of remote sensing as applied to water, vegetation, urban landscape, geological studies. Remote sensing data collection and processing, electromagnetic radiation principles and energy-matter interaction. Description of remote sensing systems including visible and near infrared (VNIR) and short wave infrared (SWIR), Thermal infrared (TIR) and radio detection and ranging (RADAR) systems.

GEO 373 Field Geology (Taught 3 times at Missouri S&T)
GEOS 4304 Field Geology II (Taught 3 times at UT Dallas) Hands-on experience with the collection and analysis of real-life geological data, Emphasis on plotting locations using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) units, identifying rock types, construction of accurate geological maps, and balanced geological cross-sections. Progression form simple geological structures to multiply deformed terrains. The Sangre de Cristo and Picuris Mountains are used for these exercises.

GEOL 3014 Structural Geology (Taught 2 time at Oklahoma State)
GEOS 3470/5470 Structural Geology (Taught 4 times at UT Dallas)
Principles of structural geology as a corner-stone disciple in geosciences. Discussion on strain, strain, stress Mohr circle, and strain Mohr circle. Description of primary structures, cylindrical, conical, and complex folding, normal, strike-slip and reverse faults and their tectonic provinces. Hands-on experience on techniques in structural geology including cross-section constructions from strike lines, stereonets, fold classification, and calculation of displacement vectors.

GEOL 4213 Plate Tectonics (Taught 1 time at Oklahoma State)
Study of the Earth’s past and present tectonic environments within the framework of plate tectonics. Systematic examination of structural associations in relation to their spatial distributions around and within plate boundaries. Outlining the temporal evolution of the crust. Discussion on mechanisms for plate tectonics. Implication of plate tectonics in terms of resources and the environment.

GEO 401 Special Topics – Afar Depression, Ethiopia (Taught 1 time at Missouri S&T)
Review of scientific literature on the Afar rift-rift-rift triple junction (Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Main Ethiopian Rift) and evolution of continental rifts into sea floor spreading centers and the onset of passive continental margins. Emphasis on style of deformation, and surface, crustal and upper mantle structure of rift systems.

GEO 401 Special Topics – Advanced Structural Geology (Taught 3 time at Missouri S&T)
In-depth discussion and hands-on experience with modern concepts and techniques in structural geology using learning-based approach. Emphasis on mathematical expression of three-dimensional (3D) initial, tectonic, and finite strain, techniques on the construction of balanced geological cross-sections, and analysis of multiply-deformed terrain with mesoscopic structures and kinematic indicators.


Graduate Courses


GEOL 5990 Spectral Signal Processing (Taught 3 times at Oklahoma State)
GE 446 Advanced Remote Sensing and Image Processing (Taught 3 times at Missouri S&T)
GEOS 5326 Remote Sensing Digital Image Processing (Taught 3 times at UT Dallas)
Point, local, and regional digital image processing techniques applied to airborne and orbital remote sensing data. Discussion on extraction of initial statistical data from remote sensing data, image enhancement, extraction of thematic information through supervised and un-supervised classification, change detection, hyper-spectral digital image processing, and accuracy assessments.

GEOS 5V08 Personal Computers in Geosciences (Taught 1 time at UT Dallas)
Hand-on experience on personal computer-based (both Windows and Apple Macintosh) software that are important in geosciences and critical in analysis and presentation of geological data including desk-top publishing software such as Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, Canvas, and Microsoft Office. Discussion on useful web-based resources such as electronic database, electronic journals, and literature search engines.

GEOS 5328 Radar Remote Sensing (Taught 1 time at UT Dallas)
Principles and applications of orbital radar remote sensing. Discussion on real and synthetic aperture radar systems. Principles of radargrammetry and single-path and repeat-path interferometry. Applications of radar remote sensing in terrestrial and planetary geosciences, land use and land cover mapping, urban analysis, surface change, and crustal deformation.

GEOS 5329/GISC 7366 Applied Remote Sensing (Taught 4 times at UT Dallas)
Applications of remote sensing to understanding, managing and protecting Earth resources and environment. Discussion on remote sensing applications to water, vegetation, urban landscape, and geological studies. Hand-on experience with analog and digital image processing techniques and their application in the characterization of land use – land cover.

GEOS 6205 Geosciences Presentations (Taught 1 time at UT Dallas)
Discussion and hand-on experience on preparing effective oral and written geoscience presentations as well as critiquing oral presentations. Emphasis on having students prepares and delivers oral presentations, poster presentation, prepare and critique manuscripts for peer-reviewed publication, and prepare and evaluate scientific proposals for major funding agencies.

GEOS 7327 Remote Sensing Workshop (Taught 4 times at UT Dallas)
Emphasis on student’s completing a scientifically-sound project where an existing remote sensing digital image processing technique is improved, a new technique is introduced or air-borne or orbital optical and radar remote sensing data are used creatively to solve a geoscientific problem.