Abdelsalam Students

Student and Post-doctoral Fellows Advisement


Post-doctoral Fellows
1. David Bridges - Started Spring 2011 – Moved Summer 2013

Current Ph.D. Students
1. Zelalem Demissie (Oklahoma State) – Started Fall 2012
2. Tim Sickbert (Oklahoma State) – Started Fall 2013
3. Tadesse Berhanu (Oklahoma State) – Started Spring 2014
4. Luelseged Emishaw (Oklahoma State) - Started Spring 2016

Past Ph.D. Students
1. Beyene, Alebachew (UT Dallas) – Graduated Summer 2004
Dissertation title: Evolution of Afar, Ethiopia from orbital optical and radar images.
2. Ren, Dianwei (UT Dallas) – Graduated Fall 2005
Title of Dissertation: ASTER digital image processing for geological applications: Examples from the Neoproterozoic Allaqi-Heiani Suture, Egypt.
3. Gani, Nahid (UT Dallas) - Graduated Spring 2006
Title of Dissertation: Geological evolution and incision history of the Gorge of the Nile on the Ethiopian plateau from remote sensing and geographic information system analysis, and field studies.
4. Thurmond, Allison (UT Dallas) – Graduated Spring 2007
Title of Dissertation: The role of strike-slip faulting in the evolution of the Afar Depression from remote sensing data fusion, field studies, and radar interferometry.
5. Bridges, David (Missouri S&T) – Graduated Spring 2011 – Co-supervised with Dr. Gao
Title of Dissertation: A geological and geophysical study of the Tendaho graben in the Afar Depression, Ethiopia: Insights into transitioning continental rifting.
6. Carrie Bottenberg (Missouri S&T) – Graduate Summer 2012
Title of Dissertation: Plate kinematics of the Afro-Arabian Rift System with emphasis on the Afar Depression, Ethiopia
7. Hanadi Al-Doukhi (Missouri S&T) – Graduated Spring 2014
Title of Dissertation: Precambrian evolution of the Salalah crystalline basement from structural analysis and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology
8. Andrew Katumwehe (Oklahoma State U) – Graduates Spring 2016 – Co-supervised with Dr. Atekwana
Dissertation title: The role of pre-existing Precambrian structures and thermal anomaly in rift initiation and development – The Albertine and Rhino grabens in Uganda
9. Liang Xue (Oklahoma State) – Graduated Summer 2018
Title of Dissertation: Morpho-tectonic analysis of the East African Rift System

Current MS Students
1. Brandan Chase (Oklahoma State U) – Stated Fall 2017
2. Curt Carter (Oklahoma State) – Started Spring 2017.
3. Ashton Barragar (Oklahoma State) – Started Spring 2017.

Past MS Students
1. Williamson, David (UT Dallas) – Graduated Fall 2003
Thesis title; Polyphase deformation of the eastern central province, Oklahoma Ouachita Mountains; Evidence in support of an unconformity model for the tectonic evolution of the Ouachita Orogen
2. Pena, Sherrie (UT Dallas) – Graduated Spring 2005
Thesis title: Geological remote sensing in southern Tunisia for oil and gas exploration
3. El-Nagdy, Sherief (UT Dallas) – Graduated Fall 2005
Thesis Title: Hyper-spectral and multi-spectral analysis of the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) data: examples from the Neoproterozoic Um Nar Banded Iron Formation (BIF), Egypt.
4. Mote, Danny (UT Dallas) – Graduated Summer 2006
Thesis title: Neogene uplift history of the western Picuris Mountains, New Mexico
5. El-Sheikh, Ahmed (Missouri S&T) – Graduate Fall 2009
Thesis title: Geology and Geophysics of the Darfur Mega-lake, Sudan: Implication for groundwater resources
6. Lansbery, Leslie (Missouri S&T) – Graduated Spring 2011
Thesis title: Geological and geomorphological evolution of the Egyptian Nile between Aswan and Kom Ombo: A remote sensing and field study approach
7. Ismail, Elamin (Missouri S&T) – Graduated Summer 2011
Thesis title: Morpho-tectonic analysis of the Tekeze and the Blue Nile drainage systems of the Northwestern Ethiopian Plateau, Ethiopia
8. Nawwaf Almuntshry (Missouri S&T) – Graduated Fall 2012
Thesis title: Evaluating the effectiveness of multi-spectral remote sensing data for geological mapping in arid regions: A quantitative approach with examples from the Makkah Neoproterozoic terrain, Saudi Arabia
9. Tom Jerris (Missouri S&T) – Graduate Fall 2013 - Co-supervised with Dr. John Hogan
Thesis title: Development of structural basins and domes on the Sin el-Kaddab Plateau: Insights from In-situ data and application of moderate resolution orbital imagery of the Seiyal fault.
10. Haifa Al-Salmi (Oklahoma State U) – Graduated Fall 2014
Thesis title: Border faults linkage and segmentation along the Malawi Rift.
11. Luelseged Emishaw (Oklahoma State U) – Graduated Fall 2015 – Co-supervised with Dr. Lao-Davila
Thesis title: Evolution of the Broadly Rifted Zone in southern Ethiopia through gravitational collapse of dynamic topography.
12. Andrew Fletcher (Oklahoma State U) – Graduate Fall 2017
Thesis title: Lithospheric controls on the rifting of the Tanzanian craton at the Eyasi Rift, Eastern Branch of the East African Rift System.
13. Victor Nyalugwe (Oklahoma State U) – Graduated Spring 2018
Thesis title: Lithospheric structure beneath the Mesozoic (~140 Ma - ~110 Ma) Chilwa Alkaline Province (CAP) in southern Malawi and northeastern Mozambique.