Ismail Research

Dr. Ismail's Research

1-Multicomponent seismic exploration

Fractured reservoirs characterization based on multicomponent seismic data of P-waves and mode converted shear waves (PS-waves).  Multicomponent seismic is effective technology for lithology identification, azimuthal anisotropy estimation and a better reservoir characterization. The technology still has plenty of room for development including, for example, mode separation, anisotropic rotations, receiver statics, PS to PP event registration, PS velocity analysis, PS depth migration and interpretation.


2- Engineering geophysics
Non-destructive testing of roads, bridges and foundations inspections using seismic, electric and GPR measurements. Improving the geophysical imaging of utility, voids, cavities and tunnels. Seismic hazards assessments, evaluation of potential earthquake hazards, seismic site classification.


3- Hydrogeophysics
Characterizing complex groundwater aquifer systems in glaciated terrains using integrated land streamer shear wave, influenced by rock matrix, with geoelectrical measurements, influenced mainly by pore-fluid. Estimating aquifer hydraulic parameters such as transmissivity and hydraulic conductivity from surface geophysical measurements in arid and semi-arid regions.


4- Archeological geophysics
Improving the use of non-invasive geophysics in archaeological exploration. Acquisition and analysis of 3D geophysical data, mainly GPR and resistivity, to produce high quality images of buried antiquities. I also use non-invasive geophysics for archaeological sites assessment to preserve these sites from environmental and cultural hazards.