Ismail Students

Dr. Ismail's Students

Current students:

• Sazal Zonaed (PhD): Multicomponent seismic inversion
• Salman Abbasi (PhD): Seismic exploration with direct mode shear wave
• Evin Fetkovich (MS): Imaging of glacial deposits in Illinois with shear-wave reflection data
• Xtian Aneke (MS): Seismic characterization of multi-layered glacial drift aquifer system in Central Illinois
• Brandon Stukey (MS): Shear wave seismic source in surface seismoelectric data
• Rick Miller (MS): P-wave seismic inversion
• William Neely (MS): Multicomponent seismic imaging of complex reservoir
• Josh Bedell (MS) Multicomponent seismic exploration

Current Committee Member:

• Aghayan, Afshin (PhD)
• Meng, Jenny (PhD)
• Hrencher, Braden (MS)
• Nathan Campbell (MS)