Lao Davila Courses


GEOL 1014 – Geology and Human Affairs: The influence of geology and related earth sciences on the human environment. Energy and material resources, beneficial and hazardous natural processes, and the planetary and biological evolution of the earth.

GEOL 3014 – Structural Geology: Behavior of earth materials during various deformational processes and analysis of the resulting structural features such as folds, faults and fractures.

GEOL 4030/5030 – Geologic Field Investigation: This course takes students on a 7-day investigation of the geology of Puerto Rico where they study volcanic and intrusive rocks, folds and faults, an ophiolite mélange with metamorphic rocks, carbonate sedimentation, karst topography, and coastal processes. In addition, students learn about seismic hazard at a plate boundary on a visit to the Puerto Rico Seismic Network, and visit one of the largest cavern systems on the island.

GEOL 4213 – Plate Tectonics: Principles and major concepts of plate tectonics, the unifying theory of earth sciences. Geology and plate tectonic evolution of the major mountain chains of North America: Ouachitas, Appalachians and Cordillerans.

GEOL 5223 – Advanced Methods in Structural Geology: Advanced geometric techniques and analysis of complex structural terrains. Elucidation of geometry and history of geological structures by interpreting seismic reflection profiles and constructing balanced cross-sections.

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