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"My research focuses primarily on petroleum reservoirs, both conventional and unconventional, their origin and evolution. This interest in reservoirs is extended to the shallow subsurface and outcrop where many are aquifers." - Dr. Jim Puckette

Current research projects include characterization of Paleozoic carbonate and siliciclastic reservoirs in the Anadarko basin, reservoir properties of Mississippian chert and carbonate reservoirs and reservoir properties and stratigraphy of the Woodford Shale.

Recent Funded Projects

  1. Field evaluation of the Caney Shale as an emerging unconventional play, southern Oklahoma – U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
  2. Loading rate dependent hydraulic fracturing of shale: optimizing resource extraction - OCAST
  3. 3. Development of a new analytical technology in support of oil and natural gas extraction – DOE
  4. Description of Mississippian and Woodford core, Linn Energy, Barbour 12-10-7 – Linn Energy
  5. Stratigraphy of Mississippian Strata in Central and Eastern Oklahoma: High-Resolution Correlation of Outcrops to Cores – Devon Energy
  6. Research and Development of a Unique Analytical Facility in Support of Shale Exploration: Nuclear Microprobe for Geochemical & Mineralogical Characterization - OCAST
  7. High Resolution Stratigraphy, Paleogeography, and Conodont Biostratigraphy of Mississippian Strata and Devonian Woodford Shale – Newfield Exploration
  8. 8. Petrophysics and Tight Rock Characteristics for the Application of Improved Stimulation and Production Technology in Shale - RPSEA
  9. Reservoir Distribution and Characterization of Midcontinent Mississippian Carbonates – Industry Consortium
  10. G.E.T. (Geoscience Experience for Teachers) in the Field – NSF