Puckette Students

Dr. Puckette's Students

Graduate Theses Completed 2017 to present

Cooper, Dalton, 2021, Sequence stratigraphic framework and reservoir quality of the Red Fork Sandstone, Clinton-Weatherford channel, Anadarko basin, Oklahoma: evaluating horizontal exploration potential in former conventional plays, 129 p.


Arthur, Luke, 2021, Reservoir and source rock potential of the Pennsylvanian Marchand “Hot Shale,” Anadarko basin, 86 p.


Ganes, Sean, 2020, Depositional environment and reservoir characteristics of the Medrano sandstone, southern Oklahoma Hoxbar trend (SOHOT), 128 p.


Tunin, Zachery, 2020, Detrital zircon geochronology and provenance analysis of Desmoinesian (middle Pennsylvanian) Bartlesville and Red Fork sandstone, Cherokee Platform and Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma, 100 p.


Stukey, Brandon, 2020, Biostratigraphically constrained ages of Mississippian mixed carbonate- siliciclastic sequences, STACK play Anadarko basin, Oklahoma, 92 p.


Hu, Xitong, 2019, Faults in northeastern Oklahoma: their occurrence and relationship to hydrocarbon production and modern seismic activity, 56 p.


Miller, Rick, 2019, Depositional setting and provenance of the Pennsylvanian Tuley Sandstone, southern Garvin County, Oklahoma, 60 p.


Toth, Kevin, 2018, Influence of Mississippian paleotopography and paleostructure on distribution of the Pennsylvanian Lower Skinner and Red Fork sandstones in parts of Noble, Pawnee and Osage counties, Oklahoma, 68 p.


Cain, Connor, 2018, Deciphering the Cleveland Sandstone stratigraphic framework: differentiating the Kiefer and Owasso sandstone complexes, north-central Oklahoma, 111 p.


Allen, Justin, 2018, Stratigraphy, depositional environments, and reservoir characterization of the Osage Layton sandstone, 114 p.


Hunt, John, 2017, Conodont biostratigraphy in middle Osagean to upper Chesterian strata, north-central Oklahoma, USA, 179 p.


Hill, Ethan, 2017, Core and wireline log based, shelf to basin stratigraphic framework of Mississippian strata, east-central Oklahoma, M.S. thesis, 292 p.


Powell, Garrett, 2017, Topographic expression of the calcification of the Rush Springs Sandstone and Cloud Chief Gypsum, Keechi Hills, Cement Oklahoma, M.S. thesis, 59 p.


Janousek, Tim, 2017, Conodont biostratigraphy of the “Wolfcamp D”, Midland basin, M.S. thesis, 75 p.


Godwin, Cory, 2017, Lithostratigraphy and conodont biostratigraphy of the upper Boone Group and Mayes Group in the southwestern Ozarks of Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, Ph.D. dissertation, 301 p.


Graduate Student Advisees

Mentored 42 MS and 1 Ph.D. graduates
    Presently mentoring 12 MS candidates
    Member of additional 5 Ph.D. and 40 M.S. thesis committees
    Presently serving on 2 Ph.D. dissertation committees    

Undergraduate Mentoring

 Mentored 2 Senior Honors Theses and 4 Wentz Projects
    Presently mentoring 1 Wentz Project

Undergraduate Academic Advising: Undergraduate Advising Coordinator

Spring 2003: 25 advisees  
   Fall 2003: 57 advisees 
Spring 2004: 56 advisees  
   Fall 2004: 71 advisees 
Spring 2005: 68 advisees  
   Fall 2005: 100 adviseesp;  
Spring 2006: 22 advisees
   Fall 2006: 24 advisees
Spring 2007: 26 advisees
   Fall 2007: 36 advisees
Spring 2008: 44 advisees
   Fall 2008: 50 advisees
Spring 2009: 36 advisees
  Fall 2009: 42 advisees
Spring 2010: 52 advisees
   Fall 2010: 60 advisees
Spring 2011: 60 advisees
   Fall 2011: 101 advisees
Spring 2012: 107 advisees
   Fall 2012: 112 advisees
Spring 2013: 110 advisees