Quan Students

Dr. Quan's Students:

Current Students:

• Aaron Prock (M.S.): Research focus: isotopic and geochemical analysis of produced water from Black Warrior Basin, Alabama
• Leye Adeboye (PhD): Research focus: investigating isotope geochemistry, chemostratigraphy, and biomarkers in petroleum systems
• Kristen Sigl (undergraduate): Wentz Research Grant project: Using biomarkers to determine unknown origins of oil in the Mississippian carbonate reservoir
• Micah Morgan (undergraduate)
• Connor Adams (undergraduate)
• Nick Sandella (undergraduate)

Current Committee Member:

• Jess Blumenthal (M.S.)
• Leigha King (PhD, Anatomy and Cell Biology, OSU Tulsa)
• Christian Obasi (PhD)
• Zachary Ward (M.S.)
• Brittany Ford (M.S.)
• Stephanie Whisler (M.S.)

Former Students:

• Brice Otto (M.S.): Thesis title: Characterization of Devonian black shale depositional environments and diagenetic/catagenetic processes using nitrogen isotopes and other geochemical proxies: Ohio Shale, eastern Kentucky. (2013-2015)
• Bradley Beckwith (M.S.): Thesis title: Investigating changes in the nitrogen cycle and depositional environments through the K-Pg mass extinction at Maud Rise. (2013-2016)
• Keith Rivera (M.S.): Thesis title: Geologic Controls on Nitrogen Isotopes in Marine Black Shale: A Case Study of the Woodford Shale, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma.  (2011-2013)
• Ekenemolise Adigwe (M.S.): Thesis title: Nitrogen Isotopes as Indicators of Depositional Environments: Case Study of the Caney and Woodford Shales in the Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma, USA.  (2010-    2012)
• Brandi Morman (undergraduate)
• Clayton Burgess (undergraduate)
• Amber Johnson (undergraduate)
• Macy Ayala (undergraduate)
• Brice Otto (undergraduate)
• Andrew Shelton (undergraduate)
• Stacy Sutliff (undergraduate)
• Erin Pearson (undergraduate)
• William Christopher Stanford (undergraduate)

Former committee member:

• Hendratta Ali (PhD)
• Daniel Bassett (M.S.) 
• Shane Morrison (M.S., Environmental Sciences Program)
• Brian Smith (M.S.)
• Lance Gill (Ph.D., Chemistry)
• Natalie Gentry (M.S.)
• Morgan Ostroski (M.S.)
• Pride Abongwa (Ph.D.)
• Mathis Hodge (PhD, Chemistry)
• Christopher Geyer (M.S.)
• Scott Meier (M.S.)
• Rawlings Akondi Nkerh (M.S.)
• Mary Niles (M.S.)
• Nicole Paizis (M.S.)
• Ibrahim Al-Atwah (M.S.)

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