Riedinger Research


Research Interests

Sedimentary geochemistry, marine systems, biogeochemical cycles

Research Program

My current research includes

  • early diagenesis in modern marine sediments and its impact on primary depositional signals
  • subsurface metal cycling and its implication for the (ultra-) deep biosphere
  • investigation and application of paleoproxies with emphasize on redox-sensitive trace metals

Recent Funded Projects

CONSORTIUM FOR OCEAN LEADERSHIP Research Award (2014/2015), “The impact of glacial-interglacial sedimentary cycles on the metal inventory and its consequence for the deep-biosphere in the Baltic Sea, IODP Expedition 347”

CONSORTIUM FOR OCEAN LEADERSHIP Research Award (2013), “Metal cycling and its relevance in the biogeochemical processing of carbon and sulfur in deep subsurface marine sediments off Shimokita, Expedition IODP337”

NSF Research Award (2012-2015), Riedinger (lead PI) and Lyons (Co-PI) “The fate of molybdenum and its isotopes in deep, oxide-rich marine sediments: implications for the Mo paleoproxy”