Vilcaez Students

Ph.D Students 

  1. Abather Alhallaf. Thesis: Groundwater modeling of the Ogallala aquifer, Spring 2021-Present. 
  2. Khalid Omar. Thesis: Treatment of produced water for dissolved oil and heavy metals. Fall 2019-present
  3. Olubukola Ishola. Thesis: Understanding the relationship between the microstructure and flow properties of carbonates. Fall 2019- present
  4. Pouyan Ebrahimi. Thesis: Studies on the mobility and transport of barium present in unconventional petroleum produced water disposed into saline aquifers. Fall 2014-Spring 2018
  5. Babak Shabani. Thesis: Beneficial use of produced water and CO2 in depleted oil reservoirs: In-situ microbial conversion of crude in CH4. Fall 2015-Spring 2019. Research Scientist at Indiana Geological & Water Survey. Indiana University Bloomington (June 2019)

Master Students 

  1. Valentine Ezennubia. Research: Petroleum produced water remediation by the simulation of indigenous methanogenic microbial communities. Spring 2021-Present. 
  2. Joshua York. Research: Stimulation of microbial methanogenesis from CO2 and oil in the Cushing oil field. Fall 2015-Spring 2017.
  3. Kyle Obenberger. Research: Impact of CO2 injection on the petrophysical properties of clay bearing porus media. Fall 2014-Fall 2015 
  4. Jesse Blumenthal. Research: Fate and transport of biocide reagents (Glutaraldehyde) in tight porus media at deep geological formation conditions. Fall 2014- Spring 2015 
  5. Tristan Seabeck. Research: Reactive transport simulation of CO2 injection into depleted carbonate oil reservoirs. Spring 2015-Fall 2016

Undergraduate Students

  1. Daniela Ferguson. Research: Treatment of produced water for dissolved oil. Spring-2021. 
  2. Toby Williams. Research: Reactive transport of biocide reagents through shale gas and dolomite rocks. Fall 2015-Spring 2016
  3. Katie Spencer. Research: Mobility of glutaraldehyde in hydraulically fractured shale gas reserviors. Fall 2017