Congratulations to Valentine Ezennubia (MS graduate in Fall 2022) for his recently published article:

Valentine Ezennubia, Javier Vilcáez. Removal of oil hydrocarbons from petroleum-produced water by indigenous oil-degrading microbial communities. Journal of Water Process Engineering, Vol 51, 2023, Article 103400. 

Valentine is advised by Dr. Javier Vilcáez.

Congratulations to our Undergraduate Senior, Elaine Duff who received the Oklahoma City Mineral and Gem Society scholarship!!! Elaine is also a jewelry artist. 
Way to go, Elaine!

Congratulations to Jamar Bynum (PhD Candidate) for his recently published article:

Jamar Bynum, Jack Pashin, Conn Wethington. Depositional and stratigraphic architecture of a mixed carbonate–siliciclastic depositional system in the Mississippian (Lower Carboniferous) of the Southern Midcontinent, Oklahoma, USA. Facies (2022) 68:18. 

Jamar is advised by Dr. Jack Pashin.