Congratulations to the 2020-2021 BPSoG Award Recipients!




 Congratualtions to all of the 2020-2021 BPSoG award recipients! 



Student Awards

1. Autumn Graf- Undergraduate Research Award- In recognition of undergraduate service to the BPSoG.
· Ms. Autumn Graf for the BPSoG Undergraduate Student Research Award. Autumn is a Wentz Scholar who has presented a summary of her research on the distal Granite Wash, Anadarko basin, to the Tulsa Geological Society. Furthermore, she is preparing an abstract for presentation at the 2021 Midcontinent Section of AAPG to be held in Tulsa in October. Autumn is also completing her Senior Honors Thesis and will present in April on the same topic. Prior to working on the Granite Wash, Autumn worked with Dr. Halihan and presented at TechFest and the GSA 2020 South-Central Section Meeting.
2. Kable Kleck-Undergraduate Service Award- Geology majors conducting scholarly activities through undergraduate research projects.
· Kable is the President of OSUGS and the undergraduate representative at faculty meetings. In these positions, Kable advocates for his fellow students during faculty meetings, offers a means to transmit information between students and faculty, and develop ways for students to foster a community even in the challenging face of COVID-19.
3. Paiden Pruitt- Graduate Service Award- In recognition of graduate service to the BPSoG.
· Paiden is the graduate student representative at faculty meetings. She has also spearheaded the upgrading of the water fountain on the first floor, and the design and renovations of the Geology Student Synergy Room on the third floor.
4. Estefanny Davalos-Elizondo- GTA Teaching Award- In recognition of outstanding teaching for the BPSoG.
· Estefanny Davalos-Elizondo has served as a Teaching Assistant for GEOL 3014: Structural Geology and for GEOL1013. Her teaching style allows her to connect with students and to explain in an effective way the material. She spearheaded the preparation of new online labs for Structural Geology during COVID restrictions and has shown immense responsibility with her instructional duties.
Faculty Awards
5. Ahmed Ismail- Teaching Innovation Award- recognizes innovative teaching activities and approaches that foster student learning and retention.
· This is one nomination for Ahmed for the “Teaching Innovation Award” of the BPSoG. This will recognize his skills for teaching field geophysics for students of different backgrounds and age groups. As you know, Geophysics is a branch of Earth Sciences that relies heavily on the principles of physics and math to study earth which makes it a relatively difficult topic to introduce to students. Having over 20-year of experience in field geophysics he has extensive experience in field surveys using the commonly used geophysical techniques and more importantly, the ability to demonstrate/teach field geophysics as a fascinating outdoor activity to non-geophysicists and young students. He uses simple ideas and examples to simplify the complex concepts of geophysics. His SSIs averages are above 4.75/5.0 for the past four years. He has demonstrated geophysical surveys to the OSU Foundation’s Grandparent University program, BPSoG geology field camp, the National Lab Day activities, and other elementary, middle, and high school student groups. Please, see attached some comments from the students on his teaching as extracted from the “Student Survey of Instruction” for 2017-2020.
· A second nomination for Dr. Ahmed Ismail for the BPSoG Teaching Innovation Award was also received. Dr. Ismail has extensive experience in teaching geophysics classes. Geophysics is a branch of the Earth science that relies heavily on the principles of physics and math to study earth, which make it a relatively difficult topic to introduce to geology students or non-geology interested. Dr. Ismail has the ability to teach field geophysics as a fascinating out-door activity to students of different backgrounds and age groups. For example, he has demonstrated geophysical techniques to the OSU Foundation’s Grandparent University program, BPSoG geology field camp, the National Lab Day activities, and elementary, middle and high school student groups. He uses basic ideas and examples coupled to innovative approaches to simplify the complex concepts of geophysics and to make it accessible to a broad student community on and off the OSU campus.
6. Ashley Burkett- Community Engagement Award- to acknowledge outreach, student recruitment, and/or community engagement activities in service to the BPSoG and the land grant mission of the university.
· At the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic Ashley served on departmental COVID-19 Task Force. She used her expertise in 3D printing to develop a plan for generating 3D printed PPE for faculty, staff, and students, if needed. Ultimately, just over 35 3D printed face shields were printed and donated to hospitals. Ashley also worked with fellow faculty members to offer a digital Grandparent University offering in order to maintain those activities for OSU Alumni and their grandkids. Finally, Ashley has worked to maintain her outreach activities by digitizing activities and sharing them with young children online.
7. Jim Knapp- BPSoG Impact Award- recognition of an achievement which increased the profile, recognition and reputation of the BPSoG. Examples include scholarly publication in a highly recognized journal, institution of an activity or program, invitation as a keynote or invited speaker in a series or at a major meeting/event.
· Jim published an impactful paper in Nature Communications showcased by the University. In addition, Jim works hard as the chair of the Undergraduate Committee. In this position, Jim has worked toward an established teaching schedule, evaluated the geology degree offering, and was instrumental in establishing the new geophysics degree option.
8. Natascha Reidinger- Good Citizen Award- In recognition of a faculty member that is actively engaged in many aspects of the school's activities.
· Natascha worked hard to coordinate and maintain the departmental colloquium during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only was the offering in the Spring of 2020 excellent, but she also agreed to continue to coordinate colloquium for an extra semester. Her efforts certainly maintained an actively engaged departmental activity for students and faculty through a diverse and intriguing set of presentations.
Staff Award
9. Sandy Earls- Staff Dedication Award- In recognition of a staff member who has provided significant service to the Boone Pickens School of Geology.
· At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sandy coordinated the momentous task of running the main office while in compliance with COVID safety protocols, maintaining the departmental PPE, and still allowing the department to run as smoothly and normally as possible. Despite working from home or in person Sandy was always available. We are deeply thankful for her dedication and flexibility during these trying times.
Many thanks to the BPSoG Awards Committee: Drs. Mohamed Abdelsalam, Daniel Lao Davila, Ashley Burkett, and Ahmed Ismail! 
Warmest Congratulations to ALL!!!