Dr. Ashley Burkett Receives CAS Award for Excellence in General Education Teaching for 2021.

Dr. Ashley Burkett, an Assistant Professor in the Boone Pickens School of Geology, has received the College of Arts and Sciences Award for Excellence in General Education Teaching for 2021. This award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated creativity and excellence in pedagogy alongside student success in lower‐division general education courses. Dr. Burkett has taught Evolution of the Earth (GEOL 1224) and developed a new course called The Story of Dinosaurs (GEOL 1003). GEOL 1003 has quickly evolved into a highly popular course taught at least two terms per academic year. Dr. Burkett’s classroom is energetic and engaging with her creativity and use of 3D printed models of invertebrate fossils and parts of dinosaurs.

As was said as she received the award: “Dr. Burkett’s teaching is consistent with accolades for her enthusiasm in the classroom, innovative teaching methods and creating an atmosphere that makes learning interesting and fun. Additionally, she is heavily involved in outreach and enjoys teaching about dinosaurs to kids of all ages. She volunteered to visit public school classrooms and participate in STEM events prior to COVID and will likely resume that schedule when allowed. Her enthusiasm is contagious and as a result, she is very popular with her students. Dr. Ashley Burkett epitomizes Excellence in General Education Teaching. Her love of the craft and the content is unsurpassed.”

This award is granted through the College of Arts and Sciences through a selection committee consisting of the chair of the College’s Faculty Council Scholarship Committee, the College’s Assistant Dean of Student Services, and the College’s Associate Dean for Academic Programs. 


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