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Yulun Wang

 105 Noble Research Center



  • Field Evaluation of the Caney Shale as an Emerging Unconventional Play, Southern Oklahoma (2020 to present; Department of Energy Project DE-FE0031776)
  • Integrated Characterization of the Unconventional “Mississippian Limestone”/STACK Play, North-Central Oklahoma, USA (2014 to 2019; PhD dissertation project; advisor: Dr. G. Michael Grammer)
  • Rock Mechanical and Petrophysical Analyses of the Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina (2018 to 2019; in collaboration with CSL - Center for Carbonate Research, University of Miami)
  • Chemostratigraphy of Upper Albian Comanche Shelf Margin, Southwest Texas (2012 to 2014; M.S. degree project; advisor: Dr. Robert Scott)


  • Carbonate Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Integrated Characterization of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Reservoirs (Facies, Sequence Stratigraphy, Fractures, Reservoir Quality, and Rock Mechanics)


  • Ph.D. in Geology – Oklahoma State University, 2020
  • M.S. in Geology – University of Tulsa, 2014

Industry Experience: 

  • Geology Intern at Tiptop Oil and Gas (Sinopec), Oklahoma City, OK, USA (2016 Summer)



Yulun Wang is a post-doctoral researcher in the Boone Pickens School of Geology of the Oklahoma State  University, focusing on the integrated reservoir characterization of the Caney Shale play in southern  Oklahoma. Yulun was born in Panjin, which is a city powered by a major oil field in northeastern China.  Driven by his curiosity about the pumpjacks in his backyard, Yulun earned his Bachelor’s degree in  Petroleum Geology from Jilin University in China. He later moved to the University of Tulsa and worked  with Dr. Robert W. Scott on the Lower Cretaceous shallow-marine carbonate strata in southwest Texas,  which earned him a M.S. degree in Geology. Learning about the boom of unconventional resource plays at that time, Yulun became interested in characterizing these reservoirs and moved to the Boone  Pickens School of Geology in the Oklahoma State University to pursue a Ph.D. degree. For his  dissertation research which was mentored by Dr. G. Michael Grammer, Yulun focused on characterizing the sequence stratigraphic framework, natural fracture system, and rock mechanical properties of the  unconventional “Mississippian Limestone”/STACK play in north-central Oklahoma, USA. Benefited from  collaborations with industrial sponsors and the University of Miami (CSL – Center for Carbonate  Research), Yulun also worked on the Wolfcamp Formation in the Permian Basin and the Vaca Muerta  Formation in Argentina. Yulun was the recipient of the AAPG Grants-in-aid Award (2016, 2017) and the  Oklahoma Geological Foundation Davis Geology Fellowship (2015), and was a Geology Intern at Tiptop Oil and Gas (Sinopec) (Oklahoma City, 2016).



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