3D Printing

The department was awarded an internal grant to purchase a Form2 SLA 3D printer from FormLabs.


Having access to hands-on materials increases student engagement and concept retention. Recent technological advancements now allow for high-quality models, replicas, and demonstrations to be produced at relatively low costs with 3D printers.


IMG 0611

3D printed model kits! 

IMG 1056

The Paleontology class 3D printed Pleistocene models for use in a board game they developed to explore the Pleistocene! Check out the video here

Access to a 3D resin printer will impact nearly every course in the geosciences at OSU. However, this approach would be transformative in the instruction of Paleontology where microscopes and fossils are heavily used. By creating “student study kits” of 3D printed fossil and microfossils we will be providing students regular access to materials typically only available in labs and commonly only visible under a microscope or Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

This state-of-the-art printer has the capability of printing down to a one-micron resolution and create models that preserve internal structures. This allows us to print models students can hold in their hands and will facilitate a more accurate understanding of fossils, especially microfossils! We’ve been working on prints and current students of the Paleontology course have been eager to see the results.

We also love to have fun with the things we can generate with the 3D printer for outreach!


If you are interested in learning more about our 3D printer or in collaborating please contact Dr. Ashley Burkett at ashley.burkett@okstate.edu for more information.