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The Earth Structure and Dynamics research group at BPSoG investigates the geological, geophysical, and tectonic processes in the lithosphere. We study deformational structures and composition and properties of rocks at various scales from thin-section and outcrops to continental rifts and mountain belts. Our basic research aims to understand the kinematics and strain along plate boundaries, the growth and breakup of continents, and the signatures of melting, metasomatic change, magmatic activity, and diffusion in the upper mantle. 

We have focused our studies on the East African Rift, Eastern Europe, The Caribbean-North America plate boundary, and the North American Plate. We apply active source seismology, potential fields, remote sensing, structural mapping, petrography, and petrology to decipher the structure, composition, and physical properties of the Earth's crust and upper mantle.

Our work has implications for a better understanding of plate interactions, strain localization, crustal strength, and tectonic evolution of continents. Furthermore, our work has a fundamental impact on the fields of seismic hazards and economic geology.



Establish the Earth Structure and Dynamics Group as an internationally recognized leader in research and scholarship on the structure and plate tectonic evolution of the Earth


Faculty with research in earth structure and dynamics