The Water, Environment, and Climate Group is a broad group of researchers dealing with fluids in the Earth. This includes water supply and contaminant impact issues but also includes issues evaluating the effects of microbial activity in the subsurface and changes to mineral surfaces due to fluid and biochemical interactions. In addition, the group deals with deeper fluid systems containing hydrocarbons to evaluate biochemical changes and flows. This can be to evaluate the production of hydrocarbons for energy or for carbon sequestration to mitigate climate change. The Group engages in significant basic and applied research and is closely affiliated with industry partners in the Hydrocarbon and Environmental Consulting Industry.



Develop an academically rigorous Water, Environment, and Climate program that ensures all graduates are technically advanced in fundamental geological and geophysical principles and applied research in order to be competitive and excel in the industry, technical consulting,  government, or academic positions.


 Faculty with research in water, environment, and climate: