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There are several opportunities for graduate students in Geology to gain funding for research and scholarships. Check out the scholarship links and opportunities below for more information.      


Boone Pickens School of Geology Scholarships 

  • Gary F. Stewart Endowed Scholarship Fund 
  • Skinner Geology Fellowship 
  • Patricia & Lawrence Walker Geology Scholars Endowed Fund 
  • Devon Energy Graduate Fellowship in Geology 
  • R. E. and K.R. McPhail Geology Fellowship 
  • Erik Mason Graduate Fellowship in Geology Fund 
  • Rick and Sharrie Ely Endowed Fellowship Fund 
  • John W. Shelton Graduate Fellowship in Geology 
  • BP America Endowed Scholarship for Geology & Petroleum Engineering 
  • Geology Advisory Board Graduate Fellowship 
  • Decker Dawson Graduate Fellowship in Geophysics Endowed Fd 
  • Herbert G. and Shirley A. Davis Endowed Graduate Fellowship 
  • Dr. Wayne Pettyjohn Hydrogeology Endowed Fund 
  • Presidential Petroleum Scholarship Fund 
  • Martin Family Graduate Fellowship Fund in Geology 
  • Michael and Susan Gaskins Geology Graduate Fellowship 
  • Arthur W. Cleaves Graduate Fellowship in Petroleum Geology 
  • John W. Shelton Grad Research Fellowship in Petroleum Exploration 
  • Alumni Geology Graduate Fellowship 
  • Devon Geoscience Scholarship Fund 
  • BP Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Geology 


Discipline Specific:

Others include: 

  • AAPG Due in December
  • GSA Due in Feb/March
  • AWG Due in Feb
  • SEPM Due in January 
  • Field Camp Scholarships