Cooper Head shot


Dalton Cooper 

 MS Student 


Research Project:

"Sequence Stratigraphic Framework and Reservoir Quality of the Red Fork Sandstone, Clinton-Weatherford Channel, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma:Evaluating Unconventional Exploration Potential in Former Conventional Plays" 


  • B.S. in Geology with a minor in Business- Oklahoma State University 
  • M.S. in Geology- Oklahoma State University

Core skills and related corework:

  • 2020 Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) team participant 
  • Evaluation of unconventional or bypass exploration potential in former conventional plays within channel-fill environments
  • Petrographic analysis of sedimentary rocks
  • Advanced well logging analysis 
  • Petrology and diagenesis of clastics 
  • Sequence stratigraphy 
  • Fundamentals of seismic interpretation 
  • Advanced methods in structural geology 
  • Petrophysical methods 
  • Educated in GVERSE and GeoGraphix 
  • Prospecting and evaluation of oil and gas wells 
  • Experience working in the STACK and SCOOP plays in Oklahoma 
  • Lead logger for one of the basins larges drilling projects for 2017-2018
  • Knowledge if vertical and horizontal wells, sidetracks, coring, water and oil-based mud


My name is Dalton Cooper. I am an Oklahoma native who grew up near Oklahoma City. In 2017, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Geology along with a minor in Business from Oklahoma State University. During my undergraduate degree, I served as a philanthropist during my Sophomore year and participated in other community service projects such as “Into the Streets” and “Homecoming Harvest Carnival and Food Drive”, where the goal was to serve the elderly and the children of Stillwater, Oklahoma. I also received three scholarships my Senior year including: the Oklahoma Geological Foundation Field Camp Scholarship, the Arthur W. Cleaves Geology Grant, and the Oklahoma City Geological Society Field Camp Scholarship.
I had the privilege of working for Excellence Logging immediately after completing my undergraduate degree, in which I earned the title of a Well Site Logging Geologist III/IV. I spent 1.5 years with Excellence Logging before returing to Oklahoma State to pursie a master's degree in Geology. During . my time with Excellence Logging, I worked as the lead logger for one of the basins largest drilling projects for 2017-2018 in which many of the most influential operators in the basin, private service companys, and universities would be using the data generated from these high-profile wells. I also learned valuable professional skills such as excellent feild performance, strong written and verbal communication, and what it takes to drill a well properly. 
I am currently a Research Assistant under Dr. Jim Puckette with an emphasis in Petroleum. My thesis research includes reservoir characterization and building a sequence stratigraphic framework for the Red Fork Sandstone, in the Clintom-Weatherford channel, within the Anadarko basin in Oklahoma. The goal is to evaluate unconventional or bypass exploration potential in former conventional plays. This research would improve the understanding of channel erosion and filling during the Pennsylvanian time period, which will provide for better exploration and production strategies for horizontal drilling within these channels, as well as serve as an analog for similar basins around the world.

Future Aspirations: 

With my education experience and professional background in the field of geology, as well as my skills in team collaboration and support, I hopes to leverage these into an internship in the field of petroleum geology and continue to learn, grow, and strive for success.